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Why Laser Hair Removal Is Most Recommended For Women


Unwanted hair growing on certain parts of your body can be really uncomfortable to look at. Not only do these hairs not look nice, but they can also cause body odor as well as breakouts because bacteria and germs stick to them and interact with sebum; also, they can make you itch. Most women deal with unwanted hair by shaving, waxing, plucking, and using depilatory creams; all these are speedy solutions.

However, they often lead to different issues, and that’s why laser hair removal, most aestheticians say, is what they recommend particularly for women who want smooth hairless skin. And speaking of the “hairy” issues that laser hair removal addresses, the first one would have to be ingrown hairs. These are common for those who regularly shave and use depilatory creams. These ingrown hairs are unsightly; they even often get mistaken for blackheads. Plus, they itch and make you want to pick at your skin just to pull them out.

Laser hair removal completely removes hair from the roots and can even prevent new hairs from growing. You won’t have to deal with ingrown hairs if you get laser hair removal treatments instead of shaving every day. Another great thing about laser hair removal is it’s simply the best system for the skin. Shaving, waxing and plucking abuse the skin. Shaving can cause darkening especially in the armpits and bikini area. Meanwhile, waxing can cause “chicken skin,” and so does plucking.

When hair is removed using laser technology, there are no ugly side effects or “burns” on the skin. In fact, laser can whiten and smoothen skin for a completely flawless complexion. It’s important to mention again that this treatment can permanently get rid of some hairs and the effects are longer lasting. This is a huge convenience for women who are very busy and don’t really have much time to allocate for personal grooming.

This treatment is also much safer; shaving causes nicks, while waxing and plucking can also lead to bleeding. Laser skin removal may cause some sensitivity, but you definitely won’t get nicks or cuts that may get infected. Other options may be cheaper and faster, but if you’re in search of the most efficient system, there’s no question that laser hair removal trumps all other options. It’s a worthy investment if you want to protect your skin and practically eliminate the hairs you regularly have to remove. And for these reasons, many beauty experts strongly recommend laser hair removal especially to women.


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