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Where Can You Find The Secret To African American Couples in Love?


African American Love is strong. It’s like lava everflowing and everknowing. When couples are bound together by one strong love note there is nothing that can separate them. Can it be that easy for love to reach the heart? Yes, when you allow it to serve it’s full purpose. So, what’s the secret for some African American couples to live out their full loving potential together? What’s the recipe to learn  the secret of African American couples who not only fall in love but stay in love? The recipe may be found in communication, honesty, respect etc. Yet one true area not mentiones is times spent together away….ex. spiritual retreats, spas and meditation as noted by a travel coach in the Caribbean.

African American couples who travel on vacations together especially spiritual spa vacations put an emphasis on spirituality. This spiritual traveling embraces their marriage in a new found way. It allows them to remember their vows to one another, their spoken word of intimacy for one another. In fact it broadens their lives and hence there are no challenges   strong enough to disconnect them. Therefore,  they weather the storms together blessed as one.  These spiritual retreats and spas are not only inspiring for the men and women who take part but it draws the whole essence of who they are together. A family bound by two;  a circle of continuation and foreverness.

To get started on your journey the next time  you travel on vacation place on your schedule a spritual spa and meditation program. Hire a travel coach with expertise in spiritual retreats. There are so many things to do in these retreats from learning relaxation techniques, yoga exercise, body reflexology for couples etc. Now, I know that gets a Hhmmmmmm!! Get reconnected and reacquainted with the bond the two of you hold dear. Decide how important a spiritual reconnection is to the  both of  you. For those shy couples well, what about choosing to relax and enjoy the earth as victors not victims.

In fact, make this a priority. Listen up…how many times have you taken a vacation then you end up staying home and guess what you’ve done nothing. Okay, maybe you cleaned the house, but really, that is not a vacation. If you are only getting two weeks off from work then you’ve got to do something worthwhile as a couple to  remember in your golden years or to share with your grandkids. “Couples who make spiritual retreats a fundamental practice of re-energizing their vows to one another, laughing out loud at each other, loving the simplicity of just being with one another away on vacation not just stay together but their success and path in other areas of their lives are greater” says…Nina Lotti, Travel Author and Island Travelista for a top hotel chain in St. Maarten.

In all, know that the world is here to support you in  your quest for  joy. So spring forth and make the two of you a priority. Learn, live and love…. be adventurous and let your soul stir your senses and rekindle your two heartbeats.


Source by Marlene McCray

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