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What Men Want No 10: Being Yourself


What men want is a woman who doesn’t feel like being in her own skin is a massive task. Women who are comfortable being themselves are infinitely more lovable than women who can’t stand their man seeing them without make up on first thing in the morning. So, how does a woman be herself?

It seems like a silly sort of question, but so many women are afraid of just being themselves. Confidence is the courage to be in your own skin, it’s never something that you get, it’s something you already have that you just have to tap into.

Everyone puts on a facade when they first meet someone. That’s normal. But, if you can’t do normal, human things around your man like fart, sing in the shower (if you do) and yes, not wear make up, then you’re going to have a hard time bridging that gap with your man and getting him to commit to you.

It’s sad that so many people get married and find out that they’re perfect strangers. They get married to the person that they were dating, not the person that they’re about to spend the rest of their life with.

There’s something you can do with your partner if you find that you’re not sure of yourself anymore and that’s to spend a brief period apart. Maybe a weekend. Maybe a week. Take as long as you need apart to learn more about yourselves.

When you’re in a relationship, you don’t have the flexibility to explore your identity as a person. If your partner really respects and loves you, he/she will let you have the time to yourself so that you can learn more about who you are.

This also shows that you have strength and that you trust your partner to be by himself. If he is OK with you going off and learning more about yourself, that also shows that he trusts you as well, so this exercise already has benefits from the get go.

It will also activate the whole, “distance makes the heart grow fonder” ideal. By spending time apart, you appreciate each other more, as well as yourselves.

Beauty is more than skin deep. Make up is meant to enhance, not hide. That’s what guys think, anyway. If you focus on accentuating what you’ve got, guys will notice it. It might be hard at first, but don’t ever let someone tell you how you’re supposed to look. You are beautiful, just the way you are.


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