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What Makes A Good Beauty Therapist?


As you may have seen in and around your local area, beauty salons and mobile beauty therapists are becoming more and more popular every day. This is due to the ever-growing industry itself and the fact that they are constantly promoted on TV shows such as The Only Way Is Essex. Shows like this have done wonders for the industry as many people who would not have been regular visitors before, now attend their local beauty salons on a regular basis. As well as the publicity, many beauty salons are now running fantastic value offers throughout the year to win business from rivals in an increasingly competitive market, meaning great value and great choice for all clients.

But with great choice and value also comes under-qualified and under-experienced beauty therapists and technicians, all claiming to be at the top of their field and using the best products available. Beauty therapy is a highly skilled profession, which to attain the top qualifications and gain the necessary experience can take a number of years of training and a lot of hard work.

There are a number of different aspects to a beauty therapists skills which can include skin care (there are many different product ranges in this area), massage, body treatments, eye treatments, all aspects of nails, spray tanning, hair removal and semi permanent make up, these are just a few. For a beauty therapist to be at least competent, if not excel, in most of these skills will have taken a great deal of dedication and a love of her profession to make people look and feel good about themselves.

A beauty therapist will have qualifications at different levels gained from different bodies, the top being NVQ levels 1,2 and 3. A therapist with NVQ levels up to 3 will be at the top of their game and you can be assured you are in safe hands. The NVQ qualifications will cover several of the areas mentioned earlier, but for specialist procedures and treatments such as semi permanent make up, spray tanning and semi permanent eyelashes, extra training would be needed and would be chosen to be undertaken by each individual depending on their current qualifications and confidence.

When visiting a new salon there are things to look for around the salon such as certificates of achievement, BABTAC memberships, Beauty Guild Memberships and certificates of insurance. These will all point to a fully qualified therapist / salon environment, and mean you will be receiving top quality treatments from fully insured therapists / technicians. As for mobile therapists, if you were to ask to see any form of certification or membership, this should be no problem at all providing they are qualified to perform the procedures / treatments you have asked for.

With so many choices available today make sure you make the right one for you and do your research. When looking for a new salon, checking the salon website for client reviews is usually a good indication of what to expect. Also, ask around friends and family for any references or experiences people may have had at a particular salon. Contacting the salon directly is another way to help make your decision. When speaking to the therapist / technician, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good therapist / technician will have the answers to your questions and will be able to offer you advice on a number of topics.

Remember, you are parting with your hard earned cash so you should expect to get what you are paying for whether you are looking for semi permanent make up, or a new set of nails.


Source by Samantha A Brookes

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