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What is Beauty


If you look on television, you will see a skin deep definition of beauty. Beauty is having perfect hair, teeth, skin, clothes, and style. In order to be seen as beautiful in the superficial world, you must by the most expensive and prettiest clothes, have perfectly straight and white teeth, and have perfectly pristine and stylish hair at all times. However, if you live outside of Hollywood and do not judge yourself by the television set, you will see that there is a much deeper definition of beauty than that which the television portrays.

It Is Being Healthy

Health and beauty are linked hand in hand. One goes with the other. If you turn on the television and see a model or an actress on whom you can count every single rib, almost anyone will recognize that woman as being unhealthy. Anorexic or extremely thin women are not beautiful because they are not healthy. When you are healthy, you are beautiful. It does not matter how big you are, as long as you are healthy, you will look beautiful. A size four or a size twelve can be beautiful if it is the size your body is meant to be. Health and beauty are one in the same.

It Is Giving And Caring

The most beautiful thing that anyone can do is to be a giving and caring person. A person who is beautiful by the standards of Hollywood who does not volunteer, give to charity, or help people in need is not beautiful. A truly beautiful person is one who helps people who are less fortunate than they are. Someone who is naturally beautiful is someone who volunteers in their community, at local schools, and for causes that they care about. Beautiful people give to charity and actually care about that charity. It does not matter what you look like on the outside—when you are giving of yourself via your time and money, you are a beautiful person.

Natural Beauty Is Timeless

While Hollywood stars seem to have an expiration date, true natural beauty is absolutely timeless. You do not need plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures to enhance or maintain natural beauty. All you need is love, kindness, charity, and respect for others and yourself to maintain natural beauty. This is because natural beauty does not hinge upon a wrinkle free face, taunt and tight skin, or a perfectly sculpted body. The most beautiful people in life have been people like Mother Theresa and Jesus. Neither one fit the standards of superficial beauty, but both gave and sacrificed of themselves freely. That is what true beauty is.


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