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Valletta: A Signature Beauty Mark of the Charming Malta


Valletta is one of the charismatic cities of Malta. Its magnificence is unparalleled. Pristine beauty of Valletta makes every tourist spellbound. Marvelous Valletta is a signature beauty mark of the charming Malta.

Captivating Valletta is the capital city of Malta. It got approval as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980. Striking Valletta boasts of an awe-inspiring St. John Cathedral, exciting Valletta waterfront, clean Republic Street, famous Manuel Theater building and an attractive National Archaeological Museum.

Ravishing Valletta is studded with many scintillating Churches. The St. John Cathedral is one of the smashing churches, which was designed by the distinguished Maltese architect Glormu Cassar. Exemplary St. John Cathedral is the best example of baroque architecture.

Well-furnished interior of the St. John Cathedral decked up by the prominent Calabrian artist Mattia Preti mesmerizes tourists. Complicated designs of the carved stonewall and altars depict the real life scene of St. John. Graceful St. John Cathedral contains seven chapels that have been dedicated to different Patron saints.

Famous St. John Cathedral gives shelter to a smashing painting. It depicts a scene of decapitation of the Baptist St. John by Caravaggio that has been painted conspicuously. It is the only masterpiece that retains signature of that illustrious artist. Tourists can also see a series of graceful tombstones. It is a tourist spot worth seeing and must not be missed by the visitors.

Mesmerizing Valletta waterfront is located in the western side of the Grand Harbour. It has a great many fascinating water houses. It also houses to an open-air concert, a number of world-class hotels and restaurants.

Valletta waterfront is a spectacular place to have dinner and lunch. Visitors can experience a vibrant nightlife and relish delectable food items in the posh seaside hotels and restaurants.

The National Museum of Archaeology is an awe-inspiring feat of the renown architect Glormu Cassar. This beautiful museum leaves tourists in awe. The National Museum of Archaeology which has been upstanding in the Republic street since 1958, houses to many fascinating artifacts. This awe-inspiring museum hypnotizes the tourists.

The Manoel Theater is an outstanding theater house that entices a large number of tourists. The Manoel theater building, which stands in the heart of the Old Street overlooking the township, was built in 1731. It is still functioning. It comes in the third position among the old working theaters of the commonwealth nations.

Gorgeous Valletta is a must see tourist destination that magnetically attracts overwhelming number of tourists round the year. Tourists can gain rich travel experience and immense pleasure visiting the rampant awe-inspiring destinations of Valletta with comfortable rental cars of Malta.


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