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Tighten Sagging Skin-Is Tightening and Firming of Skin Possible?


How to tighten sagging skin has always been a skin care problem.  Until recently, cosmetic surgery was usually chosen. Tightening and firming skin that is loose or sagging can now be done with special skin creams and nutrients.  How is this done? Read this article and you will know how.

Secret Ingredients

There are 3 secrets or factors that will greatly enhance the tightening of sagging skin.  I going to quickly cover what they are but for more detailed information and real solutions see my website.

Follow these three suggestions and your skin appearance will dramatically change for the better:

1. Eat Proper Food Nutrients
2. Take a Omega-3 fatty acid supplement
    (Hoki fish oil is very good)
3. Use a Natural Ingredient Skin Cream

Food Nutrients

Nutritious food includes antioxidants that fight off free radical damage.  When antioxidants are not in the diet, sagging skin appears.  Sagging wrinkled skin is quite noticeable around the neck and eyes.  Now here are a few foods you would be wise to include in your food plan. 

These are well-known for having antioxidants that combat free radicals.

-Passion Fruit
-Active Manuka Honey
-Wakame Sea Kelp

Special Antioxidants

Some beneficial antioxidants are not commonly on our table.  One such is the plant: Blue Passion Flower.  It has an ingredient called Chrysin.  Chrysin is a powerful antioxidant that helps make blood vessels stronger.  Therefore, it helps the tightening and firming of skin.

Fish Oil  Omega-3

Fish oil has been shown to help tighten skin.  What makes fish oil important is that is contains Omega-3 fatty acids.  One study showed that just after 3 months of taking fish oil the results were a 10% improvement.  I suggest that fish oil from the Hoki fish be used as a supplement, since it is processed by removing all contaminants. Hoki fish oil is distilled and purified.  See my website for the best source of  Hoki fish oil.  Many fish oil supplements contain things we don’t want in our body.

Natural Skin Cream with Safe Ingredients

Most skin creams on the market do not do a good job of tightening sagging skin let alone firming skin. The reason is most do not have the proper ingredients or not enough of them.  As mentioned, antioxidants in our food is important but so it is in the skin care product we use.

Formulation of Firming Cream

As mentioned, the formulation must be correct or the firming cream may as well be whipping cream. Wakame sea kelp, chrysin and keratin among other ingredients must be included in the proper concentrations to really work well.

How to Tighten Sagging Skin

A. Consume nutrient-rich foods
B. Take Fish Oil Everyday (Hoki Fish Oil)
C. Use real natural skin care products
D. See my website for source of above

But remember that most of the skin care products advertised and many even in health food stores don’t work and many are not safe to use. The very best skin cream to tighten sagging skin, especially on the neck and face, should have ingredients that are “safe enough to eat”.  See my website listed below for more information on how to tighten sagging skin.


Source by Margaret Bell

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