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The Natural Solution: Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits for Beauty


Apple cider vinegar, sometimes referred to as cider vinegar or ACV, is made from cider or apple must. It has become very popular because of its many health benefits and beauty properties. Because of it high potassium content, it is best to consult with a health care professional before taking ACV. Although you can make your own apple cider vinegar, you can find it in a natural state at any health food store. Let’s explore some of the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

How to use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can promote healthier skin and hair as well as be beneficial for health. For more specific ways in which apple cider can help treat specific ailments, contact a nutritionist who will be better equipped to answer specific questions. For more general uses, you can try apple cider vinegar in some of the following ways.

Internal use

Research has shown that ACV can assist the body in its daily functions as well as fight off colds and influenza. It helps in digestion, lowers bad cholesterol, strengthens the heart, lowers blood pressure and stabilizes blood sugar. It also contains anti-oxidants that help fight some types of cancer. It can cure an upset stomach by drinking it as a daily tonic.

To make your own daily tonic, mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of water. Usually, one tablespoon of ACV and one tablespoon of honey in 8 ounces of warm or cold water would be a general guideline, but feel free to tweak this recipe depending on your personal preferences. There are also other ways to drink it. You could add it to apple juice or add a bit of fresh cinnamon to neutralize its taste (some coffee shops serve apple cider with a cinnamon stick).

External use

If your feet feel tired and ache, give them a bath. Put half a cup of apple cider vinegar in a tub of warm water. Wiggle your toes around and let your feet soak for a few minutes. A footbath is a great way to relax before heading off to bed.

If your body is too acidic, take a vinegar bath. To properly restore the acid to alkaline balance in your body, simply add 1 to 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to a warm bath. Soak your body for about 45 minutes. Aside from clearing your body from excess acid, a vinegar bath helps anyone with a dry or irritated skin make it feel soft.

If baths aren’t your thing, consider mixing one cup each of ACV and warm water in a spray bottle. After your shower, spray your entire body with the mixture. Wait a few minutes and rinse. Your whole body will feel refreshed.

Other benefits of apple cider vinegar include its topically use on different body parts, especially the face. For a deep cleansing steam face wash, add 3 tablespoons of ACV to a pan of boiled water and lean your face over it. Cover your head with a towel for a few minutes to allow the steam to open up your pores and loosen any impurities from your skin’s surface.

Commercial products on the market

Aside from the natural form of apple cider vinegar, many commercial products also exist. Such products include body washes and hair and facial products. Taking ACV in its natural state is just as beneficial if not better than these products.

A note of caution

Because apple cider vinegar is very acidic, never drink it straight. Always dilute it with water. After drinking ACV, you should rinse your mouth with water. Also, do not brush your teeth right away because it might grind the vinegar into your enamel. A great way to avoid ACV touching your teeth is to drink it with a straw. ACV tablets are a great alternative to the liquid, although they don’t work as fast. Also, avoid eye contact with apple cider vinegar as the acid will burn and redden the eyes

The benefits of apple cider vinegar seem endless. These simple methods and ways of using ACV are all great and inexpensive. More importantly, they have proven methods beneficial to your body and to the environment. As long as you use it carefully and for recognized, healthy purposes, apple cider vinegar benefits will continue to reveal themselves. Try it for yourself.


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