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The Hottest Trends in Bridal Make-Up Discussed


Bridal make-up is fun, exciting and a tad about jitters as well. You might be someone who loves strutting around mostly in her casuals but your D-day is a different ball game altogether. You would want to look the best of what you have ever looked in your life! Needless to say, your makeup besides your dress is going to play a major in determining your look on your wedding. So, today, we will take a look at the latest trends in bridal make-up. Make sure the Bridal Makeup Artist hired by you is aware of the same as well. Let us read on.

“Slay it” with minimal make-up!

Believe it or not – no make up has emerged as the most popular make-up trend today! No we are not really telling you that you will actually walk down the aisle sans any make up – but what you can do is opt for minimal make-up! The trick is to let your natural beauty shine through! Minimal make-up remains the best bet when it comes to complementing the personality of brides. It helps their individuality to shine through instead of hiding it under layers of make-up!

However, in order to sport minimal make-up, you should ensure that your skin is well cared for. Make sure you are resorting to exfoliation, moisturization and regular cleaning regime. Your make-up artist can just apply tinted foundation to conceal spots or blemishes, if any. A light dusting of blush on your cheeks will render them with a rosy flush.

Gloss is back and how!

Gloss gloss gloss! Girls just love gloss! Good news for all you gloss fans out there because gloss has emerged as one of the hottest trends in bridal make-up this year. Lip gloss, if done right, can offer you the much desirable luminous look. Talking about minimal bridal make-up – let us tell you that lip gloss merges seamlessly with this look! Look up the internet to find out how modern brides are rocking lip glosses both at the national and the international scenes. Once again, your lips need to be well-cared for if you are really interested in applying gloss. They need to be exfoliated to do away with any dead skin. Apply sugar scrub to get rid of it. Apply your lip gloss on a layer of your favorite lipstick for the desired effect.

It’s time for bold brows!

The days of bold brows are back! If Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn had immortalized heavy brows, then the modern brides are sporting them with aplomb as well. An experienced make-up artist knows how to render those bold eye brows without really making you look OTT. The right trick to make your eyes stand out thus is to fill the brows gently to get the exact shape you want and apply powder on the same. Now, bold eyebrows have actually staged a comeback in recent times. They had slowly phased out of the high fashion scene after Hepburn and Taylor only to bounce back after so many years.


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