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The Health And Beauty Connection


Health and Beauty are closely related. One cannot expect to be beautiful without working on maintaining good health, and vice versa. Health means having a body that works efficiently; and beauty is the outward manifestation of good health.

Poor health can be visible and therefore affects your beauty, or the way you appear to others. Some obvious outward signs of poor health and beauty are dark circles around the eyes, obesity, acne, hair loss and dry skin. Some less obvious signs are white fingernails or white dots on fingernails, creases between the eyes, brittle hair and dandruff.

These signs prove the relationship between health and beauty. They could be indicating an underlying condition. For example, dark circles under the eyes could indicate liver toxicity, thyroid or kidney problems. White bands near the fingertips or white dots on fingernails could indicate poor circulation, and even heart diseases. Horizontal ridges on nails could indicate poor absorption of proteins and vitamins. Inability to lose weight could indicate improper eating habits, genetic links and a host of medical conditions.

Here are some health and beauty tips:

• Drinking plenty of water for health and beauty is something that cannot be underestimated. Although a general rule of thumb is drinking 8 glasses of water a day, the amount varies from person to person.

• For perfect health and beauty, you must incorporate 30 minutes of exercise 3 to 5 times a week. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity.

• Your lifestyle and eating habits play a very important role in maintaining health and beauty. Eat a healthy balanced diet, and avoid smoking and too much alcohol.

• Deal with stress. Research has shown that music helps you relax and alleviate stress.

• Health and beauty spas help you relax and have an invigorating effect physically and mentally.

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