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The Effect of Love and Beauty in our Relationships


The nature of love can be well reflected in the field of beauty. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If someone is beautiful, do you just fall in love with them? You might be thinking that you have never met your soul mate but if heavens could talk, you will be shocked to realize that you passed them by just because you thought they had prolonged nose. In most scenarios, people in our lives become apparently beautiful when we grow to love them. Do you love your partner because she/he is beautiful or is she/he beautiful because you love them? Love and beauty are inseparable subjects and you cannot mention one without featuring the other. Our society is biased and teaches us to love the beautiful people more.

We adore beautiful stars from Hollywood and they somehow become the center of our world. To succeed in dating you must always squeeze in beauty even where it does not feature. You must say the bride is beautiful. These are sanctioned lies and it is a requirement in order to find love. Hope you now understand that love and beauty will always go together. It might be true because every bride is beautiful in the eyes of her groom but in most of the time it is a beauty of the moment. When people are get married, they fear of getting old and losing the beauty. Young is beautiful and if you are attached to man who values beauty,he might fail to see you beautiful when you are old and grey.

To someone who loves you, you will always look beautiful in their eyes. Beauty has confused many people and misguided them in the way of finding their true soul mates. If you prioritize mostly on physical beauty you might pass the queen of you life and end up kissing so many frogs in vain. Love and beauty are intertwined because you cannot live with someone you refer as not-good looking but you must set your goals right in order to find a lover who suits you best. Your partner might not be strikingly beautiful but might be having a heart of gold. Always look beyond the physical appearance and you will always find other attractive things. Love usually stems from kindness and if a person is ready to give they will share all have with you and that is what we call genuine love.

It is very challenging to love somebody you know you ought to. When a father and a daughter are separated for sixteen years when they re-unite, it is hard to confess their love for each other but if they treat each other with kindness with time they will grow to love each other with no strain. If you love someone because they are beautiful, you might have problems with treating them right. In most of the cases they might not even be your soul mate. In a situation where your partner is beautiful and there is love, you are lucky to enjoy love and beauty at the same time.


Source by Francis Githinji

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