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The Benefits of Running Water Fountains


Flowing water has always been a source of calm and relaxation for so many. Whether you’re enjoying a day by a flowing river or relaxing in your hot tub, water has always offered a number of health benefits not only to the physical body but to the mental and emotional well being of humans as well. Given the history of water and the role it plays in our lives, it is no surprise to find that many people have opted to include water fountains throughout their homes and offices.

Whether you have a small tabletop fountain or a large floor or wall fountain, running water can provide a number of incredible benefits. Here are just a few to consider:

Reduction of Negative Ions

In the world around us there are dozens of electrically charged ions, both positive and negative. The instruments we use on a daily basis tend to create negative ions and those negative ions are known to attract other impurities, toxins, and free radicals that are found in the air. Your water fountain, on the other hand, will attract all of those negative ions towards the water, essentially purifying the air you breathe (in that room, at least)!

Humidifying the Air

Because they are constantly running water through them, water fountains act as natural humidifiers as they consistently add moisture to the air in what may have otherwise been a very dry room. The benefit of having a water fountain over a humidifier is that the humidifier can accumulate mildew or mold if it is left sitting with water in it. A water fountain is constantly running, decreasing the odds of mildew or mold getting into the air you breathe.

Water Fountains Create White Noise

White noise is noise that is typically described as being calming and relaxing. Those who live in noisy environments or who have trouble sleeping often use white noise machines, which mimic the sounds of water, heartbeats, or storms, to help them relax at the end of a long day. A flowing water fountain creates a gentle noise that can have a very similar effect, allowing you to relax while even blocking out sounds that may try to intrude from outside environments as well.

Running Water is Great for Pets

Many common pets, especially cats, simply love running water. They’ll do whatever they can to drink from a faucet or from any source of moving water. Adding a water fountain to your home décor may encourage your pets to drink water more frequently – a benefit that is especially helpful if you have cats prone to urinary tract problems. A small fountain that is free of chemical additives is completely safe for a pet to drink from.

Business Branding

Last, but certainly not least, you can use water fountains to brand your business. Small water fountains can be customized with a business logo or name and set on a reception area desk or end table. You can also get larger wall or floor fountains for your outdoor areas, lobby, or foyer. Adding a water fountain to your business décor will do a lot to increase your visibility and will impress your customers at the same time.

Water fountains are beneficial for a wide variety of reasons, only a few of which we were able to list here. Why not head out and purchase yourself a small tabletop fountain and give running water in your home a try? You’re bound to find listening to the water to be a soothing and enjoyable experience!


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