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The Beauty of Moroccan Tiles


Moroccan design and motif are very beautiful combinations of colors and art. These designs are evident in many Moroccan inspired buildings and areas. There are many items that can easily turn an ordinary room or home into a Moroccan inspired home. Moroccan tiles are among the very first things that can inspire a Moroccan motif. These tiles have their own very unique designs that are a blend of deep rich colors and mosaic designs. Some tiles depict arches and other Middle Eastern designs that are prevalent in their culture.

Moroccan Tiles Designs

Many Moroccan tiles have mosaic designs that are an echo of their very rich culture and history. Some are a combination of white with deep blue or deep green mosaic designs. Others are really handcrafted tiles which makes their designs all the more unique. Moroccan tiles can become a breathtaking are in the house and they are usually used in water areas and chimneys as well as living rooms. Of course, to have a thoroughly Moroccan motif, other paraphernalia must be added to your Moroccan inspired area.

Pillows, scarves and gauzy curtains and veils can add to the Moroccan motif that you strive to achieve. These additional items must be complementary to your Moroccan tiles to achieve a Moroccan feel. The usual colors for Moroccan tiles are deep blues, greens and reds with other tiles made up of combinations of dazzling shapes and figures to look like mosaic tiles.

The Cost of Moroccan Tiles

Nowadays, Moroccan tiles are not as expensive as handcrafted ones because many manufacturers have developed methods to make these with minimum material and labor costs. In spite of the commercialized aspect of making Moroccan tiles, the designs and beauty of these are still very reminiscent of their rich culture and heritage. Some people ultimately used Moroccan tiles to accent some areas of their living room or bathroom or fountains. This is because these tiles may still costs more than ordinary ones and to make your whole area with them can be very expensive.

The average price of a single piece of Moroccan tile is around $5. Some stores sell them by the piece while others sell them by packs. These packs may contain ten pieces or 12 pieces and the price per pack is usually multiplied per piece. These tiles can really change the way an area of your home may look which is why many people get them for small areas of their homes.


Source by David Edbrooke-Stainer

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