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The Beauty and Loveliness of a Bird House


Having a bird house in your home is a great way to provide enjoyment to the kids. Children love animals and birds and bird houses give them the chance to understand the life of birds. Also, referred to as nest boxes, these items have definitely turned into amazing decorative materials which provides a unique look to each house.

A Bird house provides an artificial shelter to the birds to stay, breed and relax. Various kinds of wild and domesticated birds make use of the nest boxes and you will be surprised to note that certain arboreal variety of mammals also breeds and roost in nest boxes.

These synthetic nests do not take up much time to construct and in fact are made of very basic stuff like wood. Actually, almost 75% of the bird houses are made up of wood while some are made of a mixture of wood and concrete which is called as the woodcrete. The concept of metal nest boxes is also becoming widely popular especially because of the low cost associated with them. However, they get heated up very easily and are not very recommended for the birds.

The bird houses usually come in different sizes or shapes like some are in the shape of a cuboid while several others have sloping roofs. They can also be built with hinged front, top or side and proper opening for cleaning and feeding the birds is very much required. For the entry of the birds into the nest boxes, an entrance hole has to be present in the front.

Elegant and cute bird houses are also becoming popular with people who use the same as a decorative item. It is shocking yet true that certain kinds of bird houses are also fitted with nest box cameras wherein we can watch the bird’s life which is not so commonly visible in front of us. Big, small and medium nest boxes are available for the various species of birds and they can also breed in them wrens, ducks, owls and tree creepers. Cleanliness of these nests is very significant so as to prevent any kind of diseases or sickness in the birds.

There are various varieties of birds like the tree sparrows which likes the woodcrete than the normal nest boxes. Birds that live and breed in woodcretes have an enhanced success rate in reproduction and their incubation period is also fairly shorter.

Bird houses for bats known as bat boxes are not like the normal type. Bats prey on insects and mosquitoes and hence allowing them to breed in kind of nests is a way of persuading the real cycle of nature. Usually, we know that the nest boxes are made mostly for bats and birds but the fact that certain mammals also use them definitely baffles us. These mammals fall in the arboreal kind which is the opossums and squirrels and they use the artificial nests either for breeding or roosting.

Bird houses have definitely opened up a fantastic avenue to each one of us to communicate and live in harmony with birds.


Source by Rashmi Menon

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