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Ten Life Lessons for a Loving and Fulfilling Relationship


Here are ten life lessons towards a wonderful relationship.

1 Give yourself a chance to really meet somebody that makes your heart smile no matter what. Do not waste your time trying to find a perfect person; instead, learn to see an imperfect person perfectly.

2 Accept people the way they are. Do not expect and demand that people fit your mold before you love them. Do not put conditions on the love that you give. Let your mate be who he or she really is.

3 Find yourself first. Remember that it is not just a matter of finding the right person, but also being the right person. For that, you need to value yourself so you can value others, love yourself so you can love others, respect yourself so you can respect others, and accept yourself so you can accept others. Keep in mind that nobody can give something he or she does not possess.

4 Practice communication and understanding. Do not get too comfortable with silence; if there is a problem, talk it over. If you have to express your point of view, do it! Debate, argue, express your opinion, but never insult, degrade or humiliate. Do not let your ego or personal pride get in the way of your relationship. In the end, it doesn’t matter who is right but what is right.

5 Do not become controlling, do not become possessive, or you will not be able to control the relationship. The purpose of a relationship is to complement each other, grow together, and achieve your common goals as a couple. At the same time, you must each maintain your individual identity as a human being.

6 Do not be jealous. You will poison your soul by letting your imagination wander. Do not allow your mind to create incredible stories without any foundation.

7 Take responsibility for your own happiness. Do not enter into a relationship expecting your mate to bring you happiness, otherwise you could be disappointed.

8 Love is a great part of a relationship, but it is not all. To keep a healthy and successful relationship, you have to watch it, work at it, nurture it, pay attention to it, and care for it. You must do all this on a consistent basis.

9 You do not have to be compatible with your mate in everything, but you have to be compatible in most things. Honesty, sincerity, respect, integrity, and reliability are main ingredients that build trust and hold a relationship together.

10 Love with all your passion and without any reservation. Even though you may get hurt, you will live your life to the fullest. Keep in mind that a great love, like any success in life, involves some kind of risk. Go ahead—take it!

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