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Taking Care of Your African American or Biracial Child’s Hair: Tips for Healthy Curls


Rule #1: Wash your baby’s scalp with an all natural shampoo, you can either make your own or purchase one. This best all natural shampoo that can be used on African American children hair is Beauty 4 Ashes Hair Puritea Red Tea Honeybee Shampoo. This shampoo is extremely mild, made from Aloe Vera, Red Tea (a hair strengthener and smoother), and Honey. It is excellent for moisturizing the scalp and hair and infusing it with antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. You can find it at wwwdiscoverb4acom. You can also make your baby a shampoo at home. Simply mix ¼ cup of distilled water with ¼ cup of herbal green tea. Add honey and lemon juice for added shine and moisture. This will cleanse and strengthen your baby’s hair, although it will not produce lather.

Rule #2: Apply a small amount of oil to your baby’s scalp two times daily. This will moisturize the hair, help a thirsty scalp, and create an environment optimal for African American hair growth. Great oils to use are Beauty 4 Ashes Follicle Fuze Shea & Jojoba Oil. Jojoba oil is particularly excellent in preventing dry scalp and not producing an oily head or face. You can find it at wwwdiscoverb4acom. You can also use olive oil, although not as moisturizing, it can be found in many stores.

Rule #3: Avoid bad chemicals on your baby’s hair, these include Vaseline, petroleum, mineral oil, sulfates, and silicones. Be also certain not to apply lotions to your child’s hair that contain parabens. Parabens are proven cancer-causing agents. If you prefer a hair lotion, try Beauty 4 Ashes Puritea Tea-Rific 10 hair lotion. It is 100% natural and includes excellent natural oils for thirsty hair you want to grow, including jojoba, shea, almond, wheat germ, and castor. It will also define your baby’s curls. Also, Carol’s Daughter’s hair milk is an excellent moisturizer. Light and silky, it will soften your baby’s curls. You can find Puritea Lotion at wwwdiscoverb4acom. Carol’s Daughter hair milk can be found at wwwsephoracom.

Rule #4: Protect your baby’s hair with proper styling. If at all possible, leave your child’s hair as natural as possible. African American hair is already fragile, excessive heat and styling methods that pull the hair (i.e. ponytails) may only make your child’s hair more susceptible to breakage. Don’t pull your child’s hair too tightly and do not use cheaply fashioned rubber bands on your child’s hair. They can snag and pull, causing splitting and breakage. Do not brush your child’s head too harsh. Try using wide tooth combs instead.

Rule #5: Use due diligence to stimulate your baby’s hair growth. Protect your child’s head from damage or breakage during appropriate weather conditions. Babies’ heads need to be protected from all types of weather, especially excessive heat and cold. Also, buy a satin pillowcase for your baby.

Rest assured, your baby’s hair can grow and it will grow if you use the right techniques for their curly, ethnic hair. African American hair needs love and great care. To detangle African American hair even more, and encourage growth and bring out curls, also spray the hair with an even mixture of water and olive oil or grapeseed oil daily.


Source by Seanie Williams

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