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Searching for Vintage Engagement Rings


While often confused with antiques rings, vintage engagement rings are those rings that are designed to resemble antique rings but in fact are not. Vintage can also refer to items that are between twenty to one hundred years old. Once they become a hundred or older, they are considered antiques. Eventually all vintage pieces will become antiques with time. Vintage rings for engagement are a popular option because they have unique designs, including distinctive bands and stones.

The Inspirations
Vintage engagement rings may model themselves after the older style of past decades or even centuries. Popular eras include the Victorian era when pearls were popular in engagement rings; the Edwardian era when brilliant sapphires were popular; and the Art Deco period of the nineteen twenties and thirties when geometric designs that paid homage to Egyptian, Native American and Asian designs. Currently Art Deco style rings are the most popular with couples.

The Bands
During the past there have been many popular styles that enabled the ring to stand out, such as the pink gold, gold with a silver inlay, and yellow gold. They can have lacy and pieced shapes, scrollwork or filigreeing on the bands. Some may incorporate rows of smaller diamonds in the band itself.

The Stones
With vintage engagement rings it is not always a diamond. That is a recent phenomenon where one type of stone has monopolized the ring market. In the past exquisite stones like rubies, sapphires, opal and emeralds were used in rings for engagement. However, diamonds did become popular a few hundred years ago and so diamonds that have a distinct cut or chip may become the focus of the ring to give a unique shape.

Locating a Ring
Begin by consulting the internet or a local jeweler for further detail on who would be able to supply or create a vintage ring based on your preferences. Also, consult antique, second hand, and local classified ads in order to locate the vintage engagement ring just for you. A little thought of option is a pawn shop; they will tend to carry older jewelry, including vintage pieces.


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