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Santorini Island: A Hallmark of an Immaculate Beauty


Graceful Santorini Island is one of the demanding creations of the Creator. It is a dreamland of all the wanderlusts. It creates surreal of the heaven on the surface of the earth. Santorini is a hallmark of an immaculate beauty in the Greece.

Heavenly Santorini is an Island in the Santorini archipelago of Greece that lies southeast to Greece in the Aegean Sea and also called as Thira. Once it was a large island. A sudden eruption had occurred in the island before 1420 BC and created this beautiful island.

Visitors can find magnificent Caldera lagoon which was formed in the natural process. Surroundings of the lagoon are encompassed with stiff slope of the Island. An amazing Caldera lagoon covers a long area measuring 12 km by 7 km.

Due to frequent eruption, it has created two small Islands in the Caldera lagoon. The Palea and Nea Kameni are two Islands, which were formed in this process. Crater of the volcanoes are still active and often emits lava.

Beauty of the heavenly Santorini Island is unparalleled. Many beautiful villages have emerged in the gorgeous landscaping of the Island. Oia is a charming village found in the Santorini Island. An idyllic and ideal Oia village is a must see place in the Santorini Island.

Beautiful geography of the Oia village adds to its immense beauty. Scenario of the golden sun down in the Oia village is mesmerizing. Sweet dawn chorus, a fresh morning, greenery of the vegetation, its lovable and affectionate residents will certainly win the hearts of the visitors.

Fira is an exquisite destination, which is eleven-kilometer far from the Oia village. It is a mind-blowing destination. Fira is a lovely place for lovers of archeology. It gives shelter to a fascinating archeology museum called as Archeological Museum of Thira.

Fira is located in the heart of the Island at a very identifiable location. Visitors get an opportunity to visit Theotokopoulos Square and Gold street. Those who have weaknesses for gold jewelery can purchase it from the shops of the Gold street. It is also linked with other pockets of the Island with a suitable transportation system. So, tourists don’t experience any difficulty to arrive at the place. A great many car rental companies exist in the Santorini Island, which accommodate the needs of the visitors. They provide cars at very cheap rates for convenience of the visitors. So, visitors move around the Island joyfully renting a car in Santorini.

Visitors should not miss the immense beauty of an arresting Santorini Island. An unspoilt beauty of the Santorini Island would surely make the visitors collect rich and indelible travel experience.


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