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Salon Inspection – The Right Medication For Salon Inspection Anxiety!


There is no need to suffer from salon inspection axiety! The best medication clearly is to be prepared and proactive!

Salon and spa owners usually feel a bit like they are at the mercy of the salon inspector. While it is true that a board inspector can issue fines, they can only do that if they find violations of the current rules and regulations issued by the state board.

Board inspectors are thrilled when they inspect salons that actually are in compliance. We are making their job much easier if we don’t give them reasons to fine.

Some salon owners report on how bad the inspector’s attitude was during the inspection. Of course, that is possible, and if you are dealing with an unreasonable inspector, always feel free to report that to your stateboard immediately during or right after the inspection.

Also, if you disagree with the inspector’s findings, make that clear by writing your concerns on the checklist you have to sign after the inspection. That will give you better ground to stay on if you decide to take action against the fines you have to pay.

Your best bet to avoiding these fines is to avoid the violations and that, of course, brings us to the point:

While beauty industry professionals tend to spend a good amount of time on perfecting their skills, they are usually not so interested in the less creative part of the business.

Keep in mind that not only styles and techniques change, but also viruses and bacteria, and therefore the sanitation and disinfection procedures as well.

If you need advise on how to get your establishment in shape and change routines that have been good enough years ago, but are not sufficient anymore, GET HELP! BE PROACTIVE!

Don’t wait for the board inspector to walk in. Either find educational courses on the subject or hire a consulting company that can help you. Bottom line: educate yourself and the next time you are facing a board inspection you will feel pretty good.

If your salon or spa is in California, you can feel free to contact a representative to get more information about hiring your own salon inspector. Call 1-866-SI SAFE NOW or email to info@saloninspector.com.


Source by Monika Herzog Butler

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