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Romanian Beauties – A Joy To Behold


All women, without exception, want to be admired for their beauty and grace. But the charms of the Romanian beauties go far beyond that. They had inspired artists down the ages and been a source of joy to people near them.

No wonder, then, that works of Romanian literature have for centuries on end compared beautiful Romanian maiden to an exquisite flower. Whether it is the rose, the tulip, the lily or the jacinth, does not matter. She has almost always been likened to a delicate and graceful flower, swaying gently to the caressing touch of the passing breeze. If you are in love with her, lucky you, she will appear to you in all her splendour, flushed with radiance; pristine, fresh like the morning dew, her delightful aroma wafting in the air.

The comparison with a flower arises mostly from outer appearances of Romanian women. But that is not the whole picture. The flower metaphor also owes its origin to the deep seated inner beauty that the women of Romania exemplify. The comparison emanates from the similarity that Romanian beauties have with a flower in the different stages of their life, particularly the childhood and adolescence when they blossom into exquisite creatures.

A flower is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at a pretty Romanian girl. Her skin is soft and smooth like a dewy flower petal. However, outward appearance is nothing but one of the aspects of the beauty of Romanian women. What makes the Romanian beauty unique is the beauty of her nature – her modesty, grace, and tenderness. She radiates with beauty even in the gloomiest of circumstances.

A flower’s lifespan is, however, very short. This has led to the symbolism in Romanian culture that beauty does not last forever. Again, the fragile appearance of beauty leads to the idea that a beautiful woman is weak as well. Sometimes, men tend to take advantage of their delicate nature and treat them in a condescending manner. This can even lead to her personality not developing as it should.

Thankfully, times have changed. Women today are not only strong, they are smart as well. A delicate appearance does not stop them from being strong inside or from fighting for their rights. A beautiful Romanian woman today no longer hides in the shadows. She has learnt to emerge from obscurity and shine like a star in her own right.

In present days Romania, you will find many young girls who outshine the cutest Barbie doll any day. That is because they are careful about their appearance. They are taught early by their mothers to be well groomed at all times. Even in lower secondary schools, pretty young girls dream of becoming a singer, a model or an actress someday. After graduation, most of them opt for careers where their beauty is appreciated greatly. In short, pretty Romanian woman today is conscious of her beauty and does not hesitate to use it to her advantage in making a life of her own.

This spirited attitude, along with her beauty and grace, make Romanian woman a delightful company. She not only appeals to your aesthetic sense, but can lift your spirit as well.


Source by Peter Finch

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