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Putting Your Best Face Forward – Skin Beauty Tips


Your skin can drive you crazy. The night a big date or your school picture day is when the giant pimple decides to surface on your forehead. When you want a fresh dewy look your skin gets dry and flaky, when you want a matte look your face gets oily. Stress makes you break out and you get dark circles under your eyes from not sleeping. Luckily there are ways to take control of the issues you face with your face!

It all starts with cleansing. You need to know your skin type before you invest in cleansing products for your face. Most of us have combination skin, drier on the forehead and cheeks, with oily t-zones. Don’t let the oil fool you into thinking you need a harsh, drying cleanser. Stripping your face of oil will cause the skin to produce even more of it, and the dry areas will just get flaky and tight. Any cleansing product used on your face should be mild, even if you have problem skin. If your skin tends to dryness, a milky non-foaming cleanser is your best choice. The foaming agents can be drying. If your face feels tight and sore after cleansing, your product is too harsh for your skin. It should always feel soft and supple, even before you’ve moisturized.

Once or twice a week, you need to exfoliate. This is an important step! Not only does your skin look fresher and brighter, exfoliation removes the dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause breakouts. There are lots of different types of exfoliating products and scrubs. It’s worth it to spend some money on a good one, made with tiny grains. Cheaper products can contain things like crushed walnut shells, which can actually tear and damage skin. Read the ingredients before buying! I also like the acid-based liquid exfoliators that you apply with a cotton pad. They are gentle and just as effective.

If you want to use a toner that’s up to you. If your skin tends towards oiliness it’s probably a good idea.

Your moisturizer is a personal preference. Dry skin loves a thick creamy product that seals moisture into your skin and keeps it supple all day. Oily skin prefers a thinner texture that keeps your face looking fresh. If your skin is oily you still must use a moisturizer! The right product will actually reduce the amount of oil your skin produces. Eye creams are specially formulated for the thinner skin under your eyes, and can contain ingredients that help reduce puffiness or dark circles. It is important to keep that delicate skin looked after.

Summer, winter, fall or spring the next step is essential for beautiful skin for life. If you listen to none of the other skin beauty tips, heed this one! After cleansing in the morning, apply your sunscreen. Every day, rain or shine. A thin layer of SPF 20 is all you need. Make sure you use a product specially formulated for the face, so it isn’t too heavy or doesn’t make you smell like a pina colada.

Your face is worth the time and effort. Follow these skin beauty tips and your skin will reward you!


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