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Protect the Beauty of Nature


When you think of nature what do you think of? Maybe a sunset, possible a mountain or even a puppy. The most beautiful aspect of nature is the fact it exist and we need to protect its existence if we plan on passing the beauty on to the next generation.

Stop for a moment and realize, absorb the beauty of nature. Yes, we need the functionality of the rain but think about the smell of fresh cool rain on a hot summer day, what a glorious smell the rain produces. Listen to the drops of water as they splash upon the ground; remember that without rain we do not exist. Nature is indeed spectacular and it is our responsibility to keep nature beautiful.

Are you doing your responsibility in keeping nature wonderfully beautiful? Take a moment and list the things you do to help the environment. Think about what you can do in your community to protect your water supply and other natural resources.

Nature requires that humans change lifestyles to accommodate and enjoy the beauty of nature. Don’t throw your bottles out the window of the car. Stop throwing cigarette butts along the way, pick up that piece of paper, nature’s beauty depends on us to keep it beautiful. Please do your part and the generations, which follow will enjoy the beauty of nature just as we do. Remember to protect the beauty of nature.

The beauty of nature is all around you even if you live the city. If the only thing you can see is a weed, remember the weed is a creation of God and it is beautiful. Protect the beauty of nature or one day there will not be any green weeds.


Source by Dr Bob Wilkerson

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