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Promoting Your Hair And Beauty Salon


It is not enough just to be a good stylist in the hair and beauty salon industry, but you have to be able to promote your business to attract more clients and make more profit.

It is important that you work as efficiently as possible. Many Salons use Salon Management software to ease the strain of the day to day running of the business. A good software system will take care of all your needs from appointment booking to point of sale, stock check, payroll and accounting. Along with these standard actions some software will produce management reports that let you know how efficient your business is running. This can be invaluable as you can fix things as soon as a problem becomes apparent.

If you are already working smarter and running efficiently, how can you up the game and make more profit? There are several options to consider. Your salon probably sells products as well as your stylist services. It is important that everyone in the salon will up sell products to your clients. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to your current clients. It may be that you are one of only a few salons in your area that stock certain products. There is high competition amongst suppliers to promote their products through the best salons and they will want to see a return. Having exclusivity to sell a line of products that is not widely available locally is a great advantage to a salon. It is important to treat this as a money making opportunity. The more you sell of the product, the more the supplier will want to work with you. It is in your best interests to promote the products rather than just have them sitting on a shelf. There are several ways to do this. Make sure your clients are being offered the products at point of sale (up selling). Supply gift vouchers that clients can give as gifts to their friends and family. The gift vouchers can be for stylist services or for products. Make sure your window display makes it obvious that you sell this line of products and gift vouchers are available.

You may already have a web site, if you do, make sure that your products are available on line, along with your gift vouchers. Many salons either don’t have a web site or don’t promote it particularly well. With so many people using the internet to find products and services it would be foolish not to use your web site to its full potential. Optimizing your site to appear in local searches will show great benefits. It will bring you more clients and raise awareness of the products and services available.


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