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Points To Keep In Mind While Going For Court Marriage in Delhi


Marriages, as they say, are decided in heaven but solemnized here on the earth. Those of you who are looking to get married have a wide range of options available to you. There are several marriage acts in India that recognize this holy union between a man and a woman.

Acts like the Hindu Marriage Act, Muslim Marriage Act, Special Marriage Acts, etc. have different sets of rules and regulations to give consequence to the process of marriage. Some common rules included in most of these acts require the groom to attain the age of twenty-one years, and the bride should be of eighteen years.

Who can opt for court marriage

A rule that almost all forms of marriages need to follow is that the marriage needs to be registered with the court. The Special Marriage Act provides for court marriages between a man and a woman from different religions, cultures or nationality. If you are interested in court marriage delhi, you should be abreast with all the technical aspects of it before you go for one. Getting married can be a tough job; more so if you are planning to go for a court marriage. Though more and more couples are going for this form of marriage, it is still the least preferred method.

Organizations supporting court marriage

Couples going for inter-caste marriage and love marriage prefer court marriage to other orthodox forms of marriage. Organizations like Arya Samaj have an efficient framework to carry out court marriage registration procedures with legal compliance. They support and encourage inter-religion marriages and love marriages. They conduct the marriage ceremony in a precise way that takes only about one to two hours to complete the procedure. Court marriages do not involve adherence to complex rites and rituals and only some essential steps, undertaken, are sufficient.

Conditions to follow

Couples, looking for court marriage delhi, have to comply with certain conditions to enter into the union. They are as follows:

• Neither the bride nor the groom should have any spouse living.

• Both parties should have full consent towards the marriage.

• The groom must be at least twenty-one years, and the bride must be eighteen years of age.
• Parties should not be involved in any illicit relationship, however if traditions and customs of the religion of any one of the parties provide for such relationship, it is allowed.
Documents required and procedure

A list of documents you will require to submit at the time of court marriage registration is as follows:

• Four passport size photographs, each, of the groom and the bride

• Residential proof of the bride and groom

• Death certificate of previous spouse or divorce certificate where applicable

• Completed application form of marriage

On successful submission of the documents, a notice containing the intent of marriage signed duly by the parties and the marriage registrar is published thirty days prior to the marriage day. Provided there is no objection, the marriage ceremony is completed, on the stipulated day, in the presence of two adult witnesses and the registrar who issues a legal certificate of marriage as the conclusive evidence of the marriage.


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