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Photo Retouching For Beauty Pageant Photo


You often see famous Hollywood actors/actresses, and top models appearing on Magazine covers with flawless skin and complexion. You may wonder how they managed to look so stunning and spot-free? Well, the key lies in “retouching”. It can be either manual retouching as in the mode of makeup artists retouching the faces of the actors/models before photo shoot, or via digital photo retouching done on the photos using advanced Photoshop retouching techniques.

With manual makeup, emphasis can be added to various parts of the face to achieve the desired skin characteristic. However, for some people, their faces can easily oil up in the process and they may end up soaking in the make-up. With Digital Photo Retouching, such annoyance can be avoided.

Thanks to the advancement of digital camera technology. It has made digital photography easily within reach of the ordinary people. This is the first step towards Digital Photo Retouching. Next, you would need an image editing software. The free and popular software would be Gimp, which can be easily downloaded online. If you are looking for more sophisticated effects and features, Photoshop is the choice software in the market.

The things which you can do and the amount of effects that can be achieved with Photoshop is indeed endless. As far as pageant photo retouch is concerned, here are just some of the features you can look forward to:

* Smoothing or Softening of the skin * Removal of Blemish * Thickening of Eyebrows * Addition of Makeup and/or Tan * Removal Stray Hairs * Addition of Eyelashes * Tooth Whitening * Addition of Sparkle/Glitter * Blurring/Changing/Removal of Background * Touch of Shine On Lips * etc.

If you want to lean to retouch photo on your own, you may find many free-of-charge Photoshop tutorials online. But, retouching photos is a very time intensive task. If you prefer to leave it to the professionals, you may take a look at the work of this site: Photo Retouching For Beauty Pageant Online


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