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Padstow, Cornwall – Home of Vast Beauty and History


Padstow is located on the North end of Cornwall. Padstow is known for its vast beauty, gorgeous countryside, white sandy beaches and rolling hillsides.

The town of Padstow is known for its ancient old timey villages and towns and vast majority of fishing that takes place down in the harbor. There are stone cottages still standing today and cobblestone streets so you feel as if you are back in time.

A few things to do and see while in Padstow are the museum which allows you to go back in time and gives you a vast selection of maritime artifacts. The Crealy Great Adventure Park is an attraction for the entire family to see and do, there are animals and sites and exhibits to see here.

Padstow has a wide variety of shops to visit such as an Animal store, a surf shop and The Blue Wing Gallery which is home to the local artists so you can stop by and see or purchase some of the locals work. There are also watch stores, clothing stores and boutiques. A lot of the stores that you will see while in Padstow are locally owned and the merchandise that you find inside is made by the locals or somewhere close by.

When visiting Padstow, Cornwall you need to make yourself familiar with the phone system, currency conversion and the language. All three of these things are an important thing to know in order to get by and communicate while in Padstow.

Padstow has several hotels, motels and bed and breakfast to stay at while in the area. Each one comes with its own way of life such as the way they are decorated will take you back in time to a different period in History. But no matter where you stay they all will provide you with wonderful views and a fun filled time. You will leave Padstow with many memories for years to come.


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