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Negative Ions: Innovations in Anti-aging, Slimming, and Health


Wrinkles, dark spots, and overall aging skin are problems that people are forced to deal with as they age.  In order to deal with these problems, many people turn to surgery and other painful procedures as they desire that “quick” result.  However, what many people do not realize is that surgery is not the only “quick” solution to looking younger again.  This is only one a many, and really, is one that can be considered “old fashioned”, dangerous, and often unaffordable.

Science and innovation in the world today has resulted in many anti-aging solutions that are quick and pain-free.  One of these is the introduction of negative ion technology.  So what are negative ions?  When I mention the phrase “negative ions” people usually do not know what I am referring to.  To begin with, there are two types of ions: negative and positive.  Positive ions are those that are extremely bad for you skin and cause us all to age faster.  These are the result of the use of electronics such as cell phones and computers, the environment that we live in today, and also UV rays from the sun.  As a result of these positive ions, our skin begins to age and we get wrinkles and dark spots.  On the other hand, negative ions are those ions that are good for our body and our skin.  This is reason that babies have soft skin when they are born; they have not been exposed to excess positive ions and the surface of their skin is perfectly balanced with positive and negative ions.  In order to combat anti-aging, it has been proved that positive and negative ions must be perfectly balanced on the skin.  With this perfect balance, not only does the aging process slow but also wrinkles and dark spots begin to soften and even disappear.

Asian countries have been taking advantage of negative ion technology for years and the results have been tremendous.  Not only has the use of negative ion technology resulted in younger looking skin but it has been proven that negative ion technology also helps the body detoxify, helps a person lose both fat and also cellulite, and overall prevents diseases.  The most prolific users of the innovative negative ion technology have been the Japanese.  The effectiveness of the use of negative ion technology has had tremendous results and is one of the reasons that Japan is leading the world in health, wellness, and beauty statistics.  First, Japan has the lowest incidence of cancer in the world. [1]  Secondly, Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world and is established as the country that people can expect to remain in good health the longest as established by the World Health Organization.[2] Thirdly, Japan has the lowest incidence of diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. in the world as established by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.[3] Lastly, it has been shown that “about 24% of people aged 15 and over are considered overweight, compared with 65% in the United States.”[4]

Although the Japanese have been using negative ion technology for a number of years, one of the newest, most popular, and most effective negative ion items to be used in Japan known as the valence Beauty Roller, has recently been introduced to the international market.  There are two types; the Valence Face Beauty Roller and a Valence Body Beauty Roller.  Both of these are able to take advantage of negative ion technology however, one benefits the face and one benefits the body.  The Valence Face Beauty Roller results in younger looking skin, smaller pores, the elimination of wrinkles, the elimination of dark spots, overall tighter looking skin, increase in circulation, elimination of waste water in the face, etc. while the Valence Body Beauty Roller results in the increase of circulation, elimination of cellulite, elimination of fat, increase in metabolism, and a overall healthier body inside and out.

As such, people no longer have to turn to painful and expensive surgical procedures in order to look younger or to look thinner.  The progression of science and innovation has resulted in options that are more effective, painless, and less expensive.

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