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My Wife and I Are Drifting Apart – How to Handle This Marriage Problem


My wife and I are drifting apart and I’m worried,” is something you never imagined you’d hear yourself saying. You envisioned a marriage that was different from others. You believed that your wife and you could withstand all the bumps in the road and conflicts that are inevitable in a long term, loving relationship. But things have changed now. She’s much less invested in the relationship and you can sense that the connection that was once strong and unwavering between the two of you is now strained and fragile. You’re panicked inside because you are worried that her way of dealing with this will be to ask you for a trial separation or perhaps a divorce. Living like this isn’t good for either of you. You need to take charge of this situation and get your marriage back to the loving place it once was.

If your wife and you are drifting apart it’s important to address the root cause for that. In some marriages the problem stems from a specific conflict while in other marriages it’s much more about the couple neglecting each other’s emotional needs. Try and set aside some time to really think about when things started to fall apart. If you can find an event that changed things, that’s what you need to focus on. If you believe that your wife and you have simply stopped trying to make your marriage work, you need to consider how you can change that.

If you believe that your wife and you aren’t as close anymore because you’ve been struggling with an issue that you can’t see eye to eye on, work on finding a resolution with her. Talk to her about what is pulling you two apart and make it clear that you want to work towards putting it behind you. Compromise is something that will help you immensely with this and you must be willing to be the one to give in. Just consider the fact that your marriage is at stake and that will help you see that giving in or allowing your wife to have her way is well worth it if you want to keep your relationship together.

In the case of a marriage that is drifting away because the couple no longer makes their relationship a priority, this requires a much different approach. You need to rekindle the romance and connection in your marriage. It’s important for you to take the initiative with this because your wife may not. Begin by treating your wife like the treasure that she is to you. Ensure she understands how deeply and endlessly you need and want her. Tell her this more often and show her as well. By putting in some effort each and every day you’ll be creating a closer emotional connection with the woman you love.


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