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Marketing For The Health And Beauty Industry


There is a great deal of pressure due to the media and society as a whole to look and feel your very best. One way to do so is to turn to beauty therapists who specialize in an array of procedures. You may look polished and perfect but there is plenty going on behind the scenes to get you to that point.

Too many people though don’t know what a beautician, hairdresser, or masseuse has to offer them. They may think of the basics but there is much more. There are facials, spa treatments, manicures, pedicures, and more. All of them can help you look great and that means you will likely feel more confident about yourself as well.

In the health and beauty business though you have to be willing to really market what you offer. Otherwise you will be missing out on plenty of potential business. Your services also have to be very affordable. That is because as the cost of basics including gas for vehicles and food to eat go up people are cutting out other expenses.

Taking the time to care for yourself though is important. It is often women who want to have procedures done by the beautician, hairdresser, or masseuse but they pass them over. They may feel guilty spending their money on such things. Most feel guilty though for spending their time pampering themselves.

When you are marketing for the health and beauty business you need to incorporate all of this into your messages. By reminding clients how good they will look and how great they will feel they will be more likely to call you and schedule an appointment. Appeal to their emotions too and you will entice them to do something for themselves. For example remind them that by taking care of themselves they are going to be more physically and mentally ready to take care of everything else that will come their way.

Marketing for the health and beauty industry also needs to take the cost into consideration. People love to get something of value for a perceived lower price or better value. If you are a beautician, hairdresser, or masseuse you can offer a coupon for an added value offer for new clients. That is a great way to introduce them to all you offer. Chances are the will become a regular customer afterwards.

Don’t forget to take care of your current customers as well though. You can use them to market your health and beauty business. For example if they refer a customer to you that schedules an appointment they will get their name entered into a drawing for fabulous prizes. You can also provide them with special discounts and promotions for remaining a loyal customer.


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