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Makeup Bloggers – Make Them a New Best Friend!


The moment a new item is available to the public, they are testing it so they can bring their devoted readers or watchers the information they need to make an informed decision on whether to buy or not. Makeup bloggers are a huge asset to anyone that wears makeup, and definitely no a few things about getting professional results!

Here are some of the things they recommend on:

Exfoliation and Skin Care

With oh so may products on the market and having them be ever-changing, skin care decisions can be overwhelming. Makeup bloggers do their part to bring awareness of the best products for exfoliation and skin care to the public eye. Whether they are soaps, moisturizer, blemish care or similar items one can be they will know just what to invest in when following a popular makeup blogger that specialises in these items.

Eye Shadow Tricks

For anyone that has tried to apply shadow and get results like they see in magazines and on their favourite superstars, they know the struggle. What shade goes where on the eyelid? How much? Why is this smudging so weird? Does this look right with my outfit/eye colour/time of day? It can be very frustrating trying to get it right.

Makeup bloggers sometimes offer tutorials and also review eye shadows to let their readers or viewers know what will work best with their skin tone and type. They also describe the best tools to apply shadow and how to use them. Before long, one could be an expert at applying shadow in every situation.

Eyeliner Guides

Once eye shadow is in place, there is eyeliner to contend with. There are so many types and ways to apply eyeliner! Ask any woman and she’ll admit that this is the most difficult part of making up her face for the day or a night out on the town.

There is cat eye, flick, double flick, thin smudge, Arabic, classic bar and so many other styles for eyeliner. Learning how to apply them is just one aspect as the correct type is also a tough choice. Then there are colours! Black, brown, blue, green… it just goes on and on. A great makeup blogger will cover all these things and more to put anyone’s mind at ease.

Best Brands

Some makeup brands are amazing and some fall short. Just because a brand is the most expensive doesn’t mean it will work better than something cheap! That’s where makeup bloggers come in. They try out all the brands and keep their followers updated on how well they work and why or why not.

This saves buyers’ tons of time trying things out only to waste their hard earned money and be disappointed. Finding a popular makeup blogger is important for one’s look and their wallet!

Closing Thoughts

These are just some of the endless things one can learn from following makeup bloggers. Since they are infused into the life of makeup from the runway, to commercials and adverts to actually trying out products themselves, other than an actual makeup artist they are the best authority on what to use and how to use it well. A quick online browse will lead anyone to many a fashion and makeup blogger and then they can choose their personal favourite.


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