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Leknes Lofoten in Norway – With Extremely Stunning Surroundings


Lofoten Island is a great destination for vacationers due to its closeness to the nature and many fun activities which it offers. Leknes Lofoten is one of the most famous and crowded towns of Lofoten Island. It is located in the far north of Norway, in the county of Nordland. Geographically it is in the center of Lofoten, but being a municipality of Vestvagoy it is quite tiny with around 2,647 inhabitants. Although Leknes Lofoten doesn’t have that traditional fishery charm with wooden houses and cabins in the area and rather it is much modern as compared to other Lofoten towns but it has the most beautiful surroundings you have ever seen. It has extremely wonderful beauty with surrounding cliffs and mountain peaks. White sandy beaches add to the beauty of Leknes Lofoten. It is great for outdoor lovers as it not only provides excellent opportunities for climbing, cycling etc but it also incorporates natural beauty which makes the experience even more dazzling.

Knowing about the weather of Leknes Lofoten is important if you are planning to visit the place. Weather of Leknes is neither too hot nor too cold; but because of its far-north location which brings the warmth of the Gulf Stream, it is more towards sunny side. You can enjoy a full day sun in summers at beaches taking sunbath or enjoying other activities offered by the location thus it is even more enjoyable. The midnight sun in Leknes from May 26 to July 17 is above the horizon.

Leknes Lofoten has many other attractions, like the Leknes Havn harbour which is a quite famous cruise ship harbor in the Norway and is a famous tourist spot as well, a museum which was once a school in the neighborhood of Fygle and gives you an insight of the area’s history, and Leknes shopping center. The Leknes Lofoten shopping center has a wide variety to serve people of all interests. You can get some souvenirs from this shopping center to present to your friends and colleagues upon your return to your home town.

Although Leknes Lofoten is not big but it has its own airport which takes flight to Bod and Svolvr. It also has a bus terminal which is considered as a hub in Nordland County. Just besides Leknes town there is Gravdal which is considered its twin. Gravdal has Lofoten Sykehus – the only hospital of the region.

Leknes is moving towards modernization and is following a more city-type structure thus you can find many good hotels to plan your stay. As Leknes Lofoten is a famous cruise port in Norway you can take a cruise and enjoy your stay there too. Just make sure to book it in advance.

Now when you know much about the location, what about planning your next vacations in Leknes Lofoten? Get ready and pack you bags to be close to natural beauty as well as perform some outdoor activities that will remain in your memories forever to cherish for a lifetime.


Source by Eirik Groenhaug

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