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L-Ascorbic Acid Powder: Anti-Aging Serum Ingredient To Ward Off Wrinkles And Lines


L-ascorbic acid powder, also known as vitamin C powder is a principal ingredient in anti-aging beauty products because of its numerous beneficial effects as an antioxidant. L-ascorbic acid aids in the neutralization of free radicals, triggers collagen synthesis, reinforces capillaries and cell walls and preserves betacarotene and Vitamin E from oxidation. Translated simply into the language of beautification, l-ascorbic acid fixes sun damage and eases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Why Make Your Own
While regular use of commercial beauty products may possibly make your skin young-looking, unknowingly, it may also be slowly drilling a hole in your pocket. Considering that l-ascorbic acid powder is relatively inexpensive, knowledge in concocting your own beauty solution may be able to help you carve out savings from your beauty skincare budget for other purposes. Additionally, you can also adjust the amount of l-ascorbic acid powder according to the preferences of your skin. For instance, if you are sensitive to it, you can start with a smaller amount, then gradually increasing it as your skin adjusts, until you reach the recommended 10 percent concentration which is considered enough for l-ascorbic acid powder to activate collagen, reduce depth of wrinkles and lighten your skin. Or if you have oily skin, you may also adjust the amount of the base to avoid the greasy effects.

You Do Not Need Much

To make your own anti-aging serum, secure two grams of l-ascrobic acid powder, distilled water and 10 milliliters of vegetable glycerin. These quantities are more than what you currently need but you will be needing them again as the amount of serum we will be making is minimal. Glycerin can be replaced with KY jelly or non-allergenic face lotion, whatever is available to serve as base to the serum. L-ascorbic acid powder is preferable since vitamin C in tablet form contains fillers that may not be fit to be applied to your skin.

So Easy To Make
With your ingredients ready, dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of the l-ascorbic powder in a bowl or cup of one teaspoon distilled water. Any remaining granules can be dissolved in warm water. Then add and mix one teaspoon of the glycerin, lotion or KY jelly. Viola! You may now apply your fresh anti-aging serum on your face before retiring for the night. Then do not forget to wash it off the following morning.

Things To Remember
When using this serum or any beauty product with l ascorbic acid powder, always remember to put on sunblock as l-ascorbic acid easily deteriorates with light. Never get a tan prior to applying the serum. For the same reason, keep excess serum in a dark container and refrigerate, otherwise just discard it. This is also another reason why making your own anti-aging serum is more practical as you are able to make it just enough for say two to three days, to ensure that what you use is always fresh. In contrast, commercial anti-aging serum is usually bottled in greater quantity, it may oxidize before you can consume all of it. So save that beautiful face from aging while making great savings by making your own anti-aging serum.


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