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Inter Company Football Tournaments


You’ve heard of inter-company politics, but have you heard of inter-company sports tournaments? As many of us know, regular exercise helps to improve our physical health and should not be taken lightly. Less spoken about however, is the important role that exercise can have upon not only our mental and emotional wellbeing, but also our interpersonal skills and social condition. In this increasingly developed world, large employers are constantly competing with other businesses to create desirable working environments and exciting opportunities for their employees. Inter company sports tournaments have truly been around for hundreds of years (though perhaps not in the form we currently recognise them) and are now well-recognised for the opportunity they create to improve working relations between employees and indeed management.

Employers worldwide are slowly but steadily coming round to the idea that promoting healthy lifestyles for their employees can have a significant impact on productivity, quality levels, and the standard of living for workers. As afore mentioned, these benefits go far beyond just the physical rewards received when engaging in exercise, but also extend to mental wellbeing and improving social interactions and relationships within the team. Inter company football tournaments are a popular way of developing this within a company and are also a lot of fun!

The beauty of developing an inter company football tournament is that it can also help to improve responsibility for employees own departments or regional offices, since teams can be created using a company’s nature structure. This can be especially great in providing different regional divisions with an opportunity to get to know other employees from different parts, and will often help to improve an employee’s opinion of a company since they become reminded that they are a member of a much bigger corporate family. In addition to this, it can also offer low-level employees an opportunity to engage with senior management and decision-makers, which they may otherwise not have an opportunity to do. This again helps employees to build company loyalty and to become better brand advocates.

What would a game of football be without supporters? Precisely! Inter company football tournaments can also help develop better relationships between the families of employees and the employee’s co-workers and managers. This can be beneficial in many ways, not least of which being by helping family members to feel more part of the person’s life. It can help to develop better communication within relationships too since your no longer have to talk about the day’s events without a family member not being able to relate or picture that individual or co-worker. Communicating the events of your day is an important aspect of anyone’s life, and it helps to release sub-conscious anxieties and helps the individual feel appreciated and valued aside from their productive potential. Again, this can all be beneficial to the business since it helps to promote a family-friendly, positive and sociable side to the business, bringing balance the sometimes stressful, target-driven life we are often immersed in day-to-day.


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