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How to Maintain Natural Beauty


Facial exercises do not cause wrinkles if done correctly – they actually help to make women and men look younger for longer, without a surgical facelift, by toning facial muscles. Surgical facelifts can be effective, but this type of cosmetic surgery is expensive, and can be traumatic. Why not try the free facial exercises as an alternative to a surgical facelift. The free facial exercises will not be as radical as the facelift, but will assist in achieving a younger looking face, without wrinkles and lines.

You should file your nails depending on the shape of your nail beds. If you have a long narrow finger, you want to shape more square than rounded. If you have a shorter nail you want to go more rounded to elongate your finger. Depending on the shape of your fingers, and the length, a manicurist should be able to advise you on what shape is good for your hand.

Soak for at least five to ten minutes; the heat will promote blood circulation in your feet and soften your skin and you can use the time to read, watch television or just lean back and relax. When you’re done soaking, use a small brush to buff one foot at a time, removing dead skin and softening your feet. After you’ve finished brushing, let each foot go back into the water.

Therefore, it is suggested that the dependence on chemical hair care products is reduced as much as possible. Though the natural hair care products are priced higher when compared to other products, it is worth applying them to the hair instead of risking hair loss. A number of herbal products are also available in the market. However, check for the authenticity of the herbal products that claim to assist hair growth. Most of the times, the herbal products contain traces of chemicals that might be harmful to hair growth.

If love flows through your body – in ALL your actions you ever do, in all your thoughts and emotions and fantasies you ever have – then your heart is strong and healthy until you die – else … heart diseases will result.

Another good beauty secret is to go for soft lighting, such as candles, tea lights or softly colored light bulbs if you haven’t got a dimmer switch, and make sure the lighting is behind you. This not only has a slimming effect – it will also help to soften your outline and give you a sexy glow.

One of the best beauty secrets I know is taking regular exercise to help keep your body toned and supple, a thirty-minute walk three times a week will pay many benefits. Walk at a speed that gets your heart rate up, this will oxygenate your blood and improve your skin, as well as your muscles and heart. Don’t walk so fast that you can’t have a conversation at the same time.

If possible, try to wash and rinse your hair in cool water, rather than hot. Cool water will help to close your hair cuticles, sealing in moisture and helping to retain your color.


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