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How To Have A Successful Beauty Salon


So your vision is to own a cosmetology business practice. It’s not enough to have talent and passion for your craft; that is only half of the mission. Your success in developing a Cosmetologist your own business depends on putting a solid plan in place.

Your Cosmetology business plan needs to cover consumer studies, benefits and features of product, and knowing your competition, along with location, promotion, advertising, sales and research. Have a realistic plan of how soon any loans will be paid back.

Let’s take location first. Figure out what “feel” you want the room to have. Procure the necessary licenses and permits. You want it to reflect your personality so shall it be cool, hip, funky or ultra chic? Most importantly it must be private. However, it must be somewhere that will draw in walk-ins. You will depend greatly on them at first. The sky is the limit and it’s your dream, so live it like you want.

Your main goal for your Cosmetologist business practice is to inspire trust. You should be committed to outstanding service. This will be your greatest form of advertisement, along with great communication and technical sales and skills.

Finally, choose your products. You can always add more expensive products to the line after you become better known. This is where you need to know who you want to target. Also, a good rule of thumb in retail sales is to at least make 35% profit per customer.

Know what your business hours will be. At first you will be at the mercy of your client’s schedule. You will get a better reputation if you can offer a large range of product and services all in one. Consequently, a successful Cosmetologist business practice plan includes knows intuitively the needs of the client, and this will keep them running back.


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