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How to Clean Patio Doors?


The time has come to clean up that dingy patio door to let in the soft sunlight of bright days ahead. Maybe you are planning a family get-together and you want to spruce up the house for a party or barbeque? Or you just want to stop battling with the grime left behind by little hands and paws. Read on for advice on how to easily and economically clean up the patio doors once and for all using household products you probably have already:

Look in your cupboards for a cheap cleaning solution.

Most households have an old bottle of vinegar lying around, under a kitchen sink or in the pantry. Fill up either an empty spray bottle or a small mop bucket with hot water from your tap and add this vinegar in two parts water, one part vinegar configuration. So that means, if you have a water bottle filled two-thirds of the way up, you will fill the rest with clear white vinegar to make a natural cleaning solution. If the glass on the patio doors is greasy at all, you can add a drop of household dish detergent to help cut the oils better.

Gather up old newspapers lying around the house.

Forget using up rolls of paper towels. When you want to clean windows to a sparkly streak-free shine, every savvy housecleaner will tell you what works the best is plain old newspapers. This is a great way to recycle them too. So get the newspapers and sort them into a stack of about 20 sheets. You then crinkle and wad them up into balls to clean with. An important note: If you have sensitivity to newspaper print, please be sure to wear gloves before this process. Now you are ready to begin tackling the task of spiffying up those windows.

Hire or find a volunteer assistant.

Now is a good time to teach your children how they can keep their own homes clean. Or you can find a friend or your spouse to help with this chore. Your assistant can help you with carrying your cleaning equipment, disposing of used newspapers or ensuring your safety if you must get up on a ladder to reach the high spots. Kids can work on their own section of the windows, so be sure they have gloves and goggles to protect their hands and eyes.

Start with the outside then move to the inside.

Carry your equipment outside and get ready for some dazzling results. Spray down the entire surface of the first sliding door glass and frame. Don’t worry if the frame is wood – the water and vinegar solution is very safe for all surfaces. Let the solution start sliding down the glass for about one minute. Then take the wadded up newspapers and starting at the top left of the glass, start rubbing it firmly in a circular motion. As each piece of newspaper gets soggy, dispose of it and move onto a new piece. As you do this, the window will start to sparkle. Once you have completed both exterior doors, move to the inside and repeat the process.

Stand back and enjoy the view from your new and improved clean patio doors! Keep the vinegar solution handy so that next time someone smudges something on them or if you need a touchup, you can spray a little onto a towel and wipe it away easily.


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