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How to Attract Your Soul Mate with the Power of Your Heart


I remember when I was committed to finding my soul mate. Every time I had a chance to envision her I did. I would write down exactly what kind of person I wanted, how tall, her weight, her complexion, her birthplace, her profession and attitude towards life. I was on a spiritual quest at the time and going to many retreats and seminars and every chance I got I imagined her in my arms. Until one day, it was so real, so emotional, and so vivid, that a wave of ecstasy came over me as if I had penetrated into her soul. Three days later, I met my wife.

Using your Heart to Create Your Soul Mate, Figuratively Speaking

By focusing on heart based emotions such as appreciation, love, acceptance, joy and happiness you can attract your soul make. You must break through and into a state of not only these heart based emotions but also a state of conviction that you and your soul mate are together. The combination of truly wanting to accept them, whoever they are, of loving them unconditionally, of sharing your joy with them, of sharing your happiness with them and knowing that it is so – is magic.

To begin, start by describing what in your heart you want your soul mate to be like in as much detail as possible. Then take about 15-20 minutes to meditate an envision them. Place both of your hands on your heart and feel the love you want to share with them, feel the kindness you have towards them, the acceptance, the understanding, the joy and pleasure it is to be with them. You can have a conversation with them if you so choose. But do it from your heart.

Practice this until they appear. Then you must practice keeping those feeling towards them if you want it to last.


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