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How to Attract Men – 5 Amazing Ways For Women to Attract Men


Women often think that if they are not sexy and pretty, they are not attractive enough. Well, this is absolutely wrong. A lot of women like to wear sexy outfit with a thick makeover especially when hanging out with men without realizing that this can lead to bad perception. Men will feel annoyed if you overdo yourself too much.

How to attract men is not a difficult thing to do if only you know the correct ways to do it. There are a few tips here to help you out.

Natural beauty

What is men’s first impression on women? The answer is physical appearance and beauty always comes first. Every woman has their own natural beauty. Wear a nice and elegant outfit while hanging out with men. Apply a light and simple make up – eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Don’t wear a pair of 4 inches high-heels for an outing just to make yourself look tall. You might end up having painful feet.

Don’t worry if you not that pretty. A simple make up can give anyone a pleasant look. If you are suffering from skin problem, you can try to ask opinion from a beauty consultant or go for some dermatological facial treatments.

Your attitude

Good attitudes can attract men easily. In these modern days, there are a lot of women who are stubborn, arrogant and bad tempered especially those who think they are pretty and attractive. Thus, men who are captivated by your beauty will lose interest in you once they got to know about your bad attitudes.

How to win men’s attraction? You must show the soft side of you i.e. gentle, caring and adorable. Let them feel that you are the one to turn to whenever they are sad or happy. Furthermore, the ability to talk and use appropriate words shows the politeness and has good nature.

Your skills

Communication skills are ways of interaction. Men are easily attracted to cheerful and joyful personalities. For example, you can always make some jokes in your conversation to create a joyous environment. You must also be smart at creating a topic while talking so that men will not feel bored when going out with you.

Besides that, good cooking skills can attract most guys’ attention too. Most of the men like home cook food. Sum women may have the passion but not the time. Moreover, not many women love cooking as most of them think its troublesome and time consuming. If you are not good in cooking, just drop by a bookshop and grab some recipe books and start learning. Remember, practice makes perfect! Nothing comes easily without sacrifice.

Be confident

You have to think smart and confident with yourself. Never depend on guys as this will only boost up their egoism. Some women with character and attitude attract men’s attention because they love women that are independent and charismatic. Men dislike women who like to nag and sulk all the time. This is a fact because it will only make them lose interest in you easily. Remember, there is always a strong woman behind a successful man.

Your appreciation

Men love to be appreciated. Once in a while, you should arrange a surprise dinner or outing for him. For example, on his birthday, you can plan for a simple yet memorable celebration for him. Even a home cook dinner with a handmade birthday card is enough to show your appreciation and care for him.

There are many ways on how to attract men. The entire mentioned above are important in attracting a man’s heart. You have to be someone with both internal and external qualities to be easily noticeable by men. Well, what are you waiting for? Good lucks girls!


Source by Sarah Nichols Smith

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