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How To Ask A Girl Out And Never Get Rejected – Fool Proof Techniques Which Never Fail At All


Men are driven by their ego. The bigger their ego, the more drive they have to pursue what they want. Unfortunately, male ego, as big as it can be, is also extremely fragile. One of the things that really crush a man’s ego to smithereens is rejection, especially if a girl is the very object of a man’s pursuit. So the bigger the ego, the bigger the pain it has to endure when a guy is rejected.

Rejection lowers self-esteem and for many, it has become a fear. It has a huge impact, because some men who get rejected are traumatized, and can never find the will to ask again. That’s why, all guys who are ready to date should be taught the proper techniques when pursuing a girl, while minimizing if not totally the risk of being rejection. Here are some techniques that have always worked.

Fresh breaths, anyone? When you talk to a girl, you will have to look at her straight in the eye and come close to her so she feels your interest. Talking a few inches from her face should be a good experience for you and her. So make sure that you look clean and smell really fresh. This way, she will definitely want to get closer to you.

Look the part. Let your clothes do some of the talking for you, but better yet, let your attitude talk for you. The way a guy talks and carries him self is a sure way of telling how confident and successful he is. Women like men who are comfortable doing whatever they feel like, without the pressure of having to please anyone.

Feed her ego. When you compliment a woman, you send all sorts of happy hormones straight to her brain. These happy hormones tell her you’re a guy who sees her beauty in and out, and that she should hang out it you, because if she does, she’ll be appreciated for what she does.

Just say it already. If you want to ask a girl out, stop dancing cha-cha and go over to talk to her. Make eye contact, and smile. Remember to chat her up and be sure to make a mental list of her interests, so you can use that ask her out.

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