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How Rain Chains Can Enhance the Beauty of Your Home and Function of Your Gutters


If you are finding that the downspouts on your home’s rain gutters are just getting you down and out, then you should consider how the Japanese rain chain could enhance the look and function of your gutters. These rain chains are nothing more than their name implies – a set of rings or cups, bells, bowls, etc. – that are strung along one on top of the other to form a chain that extends from your gutter to the ground.

How they work is simple. Just like with your regular rain gutter, the water flows down the length of your home’s gutter and then empties into a downspout. This downspout then carries the water away from your home from where ever the end of that downspout is. This can cause some heavy landscape runoff and unnatural erosion of your landscaping and plants. This is all not to mention how boring a traditional aluminum or vinyl downspout looks mounted to your home.

What About Combining A Rain Chain And A New Gutter

At the very least, you should consider installing a seamless gutter system to help enhance not only the look of your home but the function of your gutter as well. With less seams to offer potential voids and leak areas, these provide more protection for your home and better drainage of rain and snow from your roof. Paired with a downspout chain, and you are looking at a system that is much more resistant to blockage and clogging problems.

As far as the rain chain designs go, you have many options here as well. While the overall notion is to keep it simple and elegant in design, you can still find a shape or style that will fit with your contemporary home. Japanese style is to keep things minimal, so if your home has more ‘busy-ness’ to it, then rain chains might not be for you.

Rain Chain Designs

Styles of chains go from the original interlocking rings to the more decorative cups, bowls, bells and flowers. The idea is the same. It is one repetitive design hung one on top of the other to create a string or chain of rain catching elements. As the water runs from the gutter, down the chain, it sprinkles water along its path gently showering your nearby plants and then eventually ends its run in some type of basin unit. This could consist of a bowl or just a pit of river rocks that can evenly distribute the water out to your landscape minimizing that harsh dumping effect created by a traditional downspout. The simple design and elegant ambiance and sound that the rain chain affords the homeowner is a very wise investment.


Source by Michael James McCord

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