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How Many Earrings Does the Average Woman Own


You want to calculate the number of earrings that the average woman owns? You should be lauded for your courage to embark on such a tedious and impossible mission. May you have all the luck in the world!

There is hardly a woman who herself knows the exact number of earrings she possesses. Women never seem to have enough earrings. They never seem to feel that they do not need to have any more earrings.

It is normal for women to have a passion for jewellery. But the kind of passion that women have for earrings is some thing that is unparalleled.

A pair of silver earrings to be worn with the new silver skirt and a pair of black earrings to be worn with the black evening gown – this is how pair after pair gets added to a woman’s earring collection. A pair of small diamond studs to be worn with the white formal shirt while at office and a pair of silver danglers to be worn with that same shirt while at the office dinner – it goes on and on. The reason to buy a new pair of earrings is always there. The need and the hour are always just right to add another pair to the already enormous collection. Another reason why this collection keeps growing is the large number of earrings that a woman receives as gifts. Birthday, graduation, promotion, engagement, wedding, anniversary, pregnancy, motherhood – there is hardly an occasion when a woman does not receive earrings as gifts.

The reason why women are so fond of earrings is that these items of jewellery hardly ever go out of style. Moreover, you will always manage to find a pair that goes perfectly with the attire that you wish to wear. Last but not the least, there are very few fashion accessories that are seen to enhance the personality and beauty of a woman like earrings do.

Earrings have become an essential part of a woman’s life as they give the woman a feeling of being dressed up and properly done, even if she is wearing a very ordinary dress. The difference that a pair of earrings does to a woman’s facial character can be fathomed by making a woman, who never wears earrings, wear a pair of small studs. The difference is noticeable in an instant. The woman who always appears plain and somber suddenly looks gorgeous and attractive, courtesy a pair of small studs. Such is the magic of earrings!
There are not many women who are oblivious to this magic, and thus women throughout the world count on these jewelries for a quick and easy touch of glamour.

The collection of earrings of the average woman normally boasts of include pearl studs, diamond studs, hoops, pearl earrings, diamond earrings, gold earrings, platinum earrings, gemstone earrings, and danglers made up of all kinds of imitation and junk materials.

Jewellery-makers and the jewellery industry, in general, fully exploit the fascination that women possess about earrings. They design and create the most attractive pieces of jewellery with all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones and materials that the women find hard to resist – and thus completely lose count of the number of earrings they own.


Source by Melanie Stone

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