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How Life Can Have Meaning


Life has meaning when you create beauty. It does not matter what that beauty is. It could be art, music, or a beautiful garden, as long as everyone who it touches finds joy in it.

If you find there is no meaning to your life or life in general, perhaps you are thinking of meaning being something significant and world changing. That is not possible for everyone to achieve.

However, to make something of beauty is possible for everyone, because of the vast possibilities of expressing beauty.

Japanese gardens are beautiful. They are tended to with great love and attention, perfectly maintained, even in the middle of nowhere, the person tending their garden is satisfied with the beauty they are creating.

If you are not talented in any way, or do not have the time or money to do anything in an artistic or material form, there is another way that you, like any human being, can bring beauty to the world.

Smile with a pure and selfless heart.

I live with a daily goal; ‘everyday, make someone smile.’

A happy person is a thing of great beauty. A pure, kind, gentle person is thing of rare and great beauty which is reflected in the smiles you bring out of other people.

Find as many ways as possible, making this your primary goal in your daily life, to be creating something of beauty all the time. It may be a work of art that takes time to complete which you work at every day, or it may be that every day you make as many people as possible smile.

Try making this your point and purpose of living, of course while still attending to your obligations, but have this as your hobby, your life purpose, to find a way to bring beauty to this world.

For some people this may be as simple as changing their personality from a grump to a less negative person. Polish your heart and mind, make them reflect the light of happiness and beauty to the world.

Everyone can find some way to create something of beauty every day, there is no excuse. Find your way, not someone else’s. And in finding your way to bring a little beauty to the world every day, you may find meaning and purpose, or at least a little more happiness in your life.

Normal everyday joy and happiness comes from the small momentary things that keep you smiling all day long, so find ways to make others smile, and you will be smiling also.


Source by David Samuel

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