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History of Cosmetics in the early 20th century


Makeup are substances to enhance the beauty of the human body, apart from
simple cleaning. Their use is widespread, especially among women in Western

Cosmetics is general term applied to all preparations used externally to
condition and beautify the body, by cleaning, coloring, softening, or protecting
the skin, hair, nails, lips, or eyes. Perfumery is usually excluded from the
field of cosmetics, although perfumes are commonly manufactured in coordination
with cosmetics.

History of Cosmetics

In Ancient Egypt aristocrats applied minerals to their faces to provide color
and definition of features. The Greeks were also known to paint their faces and
the Romans used oil-based perfumes in baths and fountains, and even applied them
to their weapons. The Roman Lucian is noted to have talked about women and
cosmetics in his time, referring to their polishing their teeth and eyebrows.

By the middle of the 1st century AD, cosmetics were widely used by the Romans,
who employed kohl for darkening eyelashes and eyelids, chalk for whitening the
complexion, rouge and depilatories (hair-removing preparations), and pumice for
cleaning the teeth. In the Middle Ages the Crusaders found cosmetics widely used
in the Middle East, and it was they who spread the use of cosmetics throughout

As of 2005, the cosmetics industry is dominated by a small number of
multinationals that all originated in the early 20th century.

Purposes of Cosmetic

Usually, the goal of wearing makeup is
to make the wearer more attractive. For most women that involves simulating the
appearance of health and youth.

One sociological theory of makeup (among other things) claims that the role of

modern cosmetics is not just to simulate youthfulness and health, but also, to
an extent, sexual arousal. Wide eyes, flushed cheeks, and red lips can all be
indicators of arousal, although most women would probably call this style of
makeup “looking sexy.”

More general than enhancing beauty, the change of physical appearance is
achieved by specialized forms of cosmetics.

Variety of cosmetics

A large variety of cosmetics is generally available today.

Cold cream is an emulsion of various oils and waxes and water; it is employed
to cleanse and soften the skin. Various purpose-made moisturizers and cleansers
are also available.

Face powder based on talcum (powdered magnesium silicate) and zinc oxide, are
used to dry and give the skin a satin-like texture.

Lipstick and lip gloss and lip pencil used to colour the lips.

Nail polish used to colour the fingernails and toenails.Read
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