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Health and Beauty PLR Articles: Finding Quality Content


Not sure where to get great health and beauty PLR articles? While private label rights articles are a fast way to get content for a website or blog, there is a big problem in that you will find most sites offer pretty low quality articles. In fact, the majority of the articles that you will discover being offered by PLR sites are of such low quality that they will require drastic rewriting to even be usable.

Why are so many of these articles so low quality? Well, the main reason is pricing. When you pay so little for an article, you have to consider that the person selling it needed to create that article for a very low price. In most cases, it’s just not worth it for a good writer to spend 30-60 minutes on an article, writing it very well, only to turn around and sell it for mere pennies. Yes, over time they will earn a lot more than a quarter or fifty cents for that article, when it sells in a pack to various people, but the value is not there.

This is why most people who sell health and beauty PLR articles hire Indians or Asians to do their writing for them. English is not the first language and even if it is, the pay is so very low that it isn’t worth spending much time in turning out quality articles. This is the main reason that there are so many terrible private label rights articles on the market. If you want decent content, you really need to avoid all of these.

Finding a site that actually offers quality content can be easier said than done. You’ll want to check their samples to see just what they offer. Chances are, you’ll have to pay a little more for quality articles, but don’t be fooled into thinking that if you pay $15 for an article pack it’s guaranteed to be good. Look at the samples before you make a purchase and if the site doesn’t offer a preview of what they are selling, don’t buy.

Health and beauty PLR may be a good way to get your site up and running rapidly, but if the quality isn’t there, your site won’t make it. Remember that your reputation is going to be based on your content, so make sure it’s good! Take the time to research the PLR site you’re interested in and check out their samples before buying, even if that means you have to pay a little more for quality. It’s well worth it.


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