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Growing a Culture of Online Matrimonial Services


The music of online matrimonial services in UK, USA, Russia, India is echoing with high rhythm- Says the reports. There was a time when holy matrimony followed by the decision of the elders was the only procedure of getting married, then came a trend of newspaper ads. But with the change in time and change in people’s outlook, there came a way of online matrimony few years’ back- most popular and fastest way to find a life partner. The stats show that the number has increased by 3 times from last year, while in the past, more than 17 million new registrants benefited by this simple technology. From counselling to e-books on the dos and Don’ts of happy marriage to SMS Tips to social media alerts,

Elite Matrimony

 Elite matrimonial service providers are making all the efforts to guarantee happy unions for couples who meet online and get married. There are many reasons behind the success of these matrimonial services as stated below:

Technology, v/s traditions

In this internet savvy era, where everything is touched by technology in some way or the other, these online matrimonial portals are no different. This is indeed interesting to notice that traditional thoughts are no more barrier between technology and people who are embracing the every benefit internet has to give. In addition, technology lets the simple tools work wonders while matching data with similar or different religions, finding from thousands in one click with detailed information about the registrants. This is the biggest limitation of newspaper ads, and advertisements where the space is limited with limited characters.

Success rate

For the past 5 years, the online space is working as a Best marriage bureau against traditional ways of finding the partners. And there are so many real life stories where two people met online through matrimonial sites and are successfully married too. Indian market runs on the fact that what they hear always work. There are many cases where prevailing ways of finding the perfect match failed and internet surprised, Reasons? Their long, long database. With international base and 21 major world religions today, searching the best match without internet seems impossible. The interactive and accessibility feature of this virtual world makes it a popular medium to connect beyond boundaries.

The service buffet

Some most popular matrimonial portals just to name a few, provide various services at cost-effective rates. Some special services like expert advices, premium services for divorce matrimony, late marriages, sorted by profession, Matrimony services for rich people etc., influence the community more than ever. They, even provide expert counselors to help young brides and grooms with the most appropriate results of finding their perfect match through their own services. After finding a match, they match the birth charts on will and then, fix up a meeting and leave the things on both the parties till they will be satisfied with the services.


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