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Dr Georgia Lee – Singapore’s Most Popular Aesthetic Doctor


Singapore has many aesthetic doctors but one of them sticks to mind – thanks to her glamourous appeal, celebrity friends and cutting-edge fashion style. Her clinic at Holland Village is a mecca to celebrities who zip in for skin rejuvation and botox treatments. It is also a tome and showcase for the celebrity doctor with media features of her plastered on walls and in the magazines available for browsing there.

Dr Georgia Lee is one of the most renowned aesthetic and skincare doctors in Singapore and patients wait up to three months to see her!

She spent six years working in a few hospitals after graduation and opened TLC  Medical

Center in Holland Village, in 1999, with $300,000 capital from her husband. Dr Georgia Lee started out as a general practitioner but it was a bad allergic reaction that kick-started her interest in aesthetics. “A contraceptive that I took made me develop ugly blisters on the left side of my face. The blisters went away but I was left with pigmentation that was so bad that I hid at home and people thought I was either beaten up by my husband, had herpes or had Aids.”

She spent the next six to nine months researching on lotions and managed to heal her scars. “That unfortunate incident was a blessing in disguise as it got me interested in aesthetic treatments and made me want to help other people with skin ailments,” shares Dr Georgia Lee.

A stickler for high quality and cost-effective aesthetic practice backed by the most up-to-date technology and pharmacy, she will fly up to the factories to talk to the engineers and meet the doctors who are using the machines before making a purchase.

Besides her winning personality and state-of-the-art treatments, Dr Georgia Lee is also renowned for her generosity. Not in the material sense, but in her genuine desire to help people. “I always give more than I get, that’s why my husband says I will never be rich,” she says with a laugh. She frequently organises ‘self-improvement’ parties for her customers – most recently, she held a make-up class conducted by famous make-up artist, Andy Lee. She pays for these parties out of her own pocket. “I also told one of my clients, a stressed-out housewife, to take time out daily for herself, and if she succeeds, her next treatment will be on the house!”

She also travels frequently around the region to offer consultations to other aesthetic practitioners and give talks.  Not one to rest on her laurels, Dr Georgia Lee has just launched her own brand of medical-based beauty and make-up products, called drgeorgialee skincare.


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