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Christmas Pampering


With Christmas just around the corner our thoughts are turning to a little pampering for all the pre Christmas parties and the big day itself.

Lots of ladies will be visiting their hairdresser in the run up to Christmas. It might be that they want a complete change, something special for the up and coming events, or just their ‘usual’. To spend an hour or so being pampered in the busy pre Christmas rush is like finding an oasis in a desert. Some salons have massage chairs that give you a wonderful massage whilst you are having your hair washed. You can choose a new look, change your hair colour, even pick up some presents (for you or your loved ones). Lots of Salons will join in the Christmas spirit and you might be offered the odd glass of wine or coffee and mince pies. It all adds to the thrill of the run up to Christmas.

As it’s nearly Christmas you might give yourself an extra treat. Why not get your nails done, have a relaxing facial, get your legs waxed or maybe get a spray tan! Go on, spoil yourself. You want to look really good in that party dress!

The pampering doesn’t stop there. We all like to feel special so when you’re out and about, looking for Christmas presents, think what might make your friends and family feel special too. Lots of Salons do gift vouchers and you might want to treat your loved ones to the same experience you have just enjoyed.

It’s been a difficult year for most of us and you may not have the money you would like to spend. Don’t let it stop you having the treat, you just need to make a few adjustments to how you shop. Instead of buying a collection of beauty items all done up in a posh box, put the extra effort in and buy cheaper versions individually. Instead of buying posh boxes either buy a cheap box, or cover a box with Christmas paper. You can even save samples from magazines or get samples from the beauty counter. You can buy a pack of sachets of face masks, for instance, and share them amongst your friends. What better way to treat your friends than to collect a load of free samples and invite them all home so that you can pamper each other. Throw in a cheap bottle of wine and make a night of it! Another idea would be to hold a cosmetics party but your friends would be expected to buy some items. The good news is that the party holder usually gets a gift or commission and someone would need to be the guinea pig for a makeover.

However you get pampered this Christmas, whether it’s a visit to a spa or having friends round for a beauty session, enjoy yourself!


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