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Can My Wife Love Me Again? How to Get Her Closer Than Ever to You


Divorce is never a word you want to hear when you’re married to the woman you adore. It’s one of those things that never enters your mind based on the fact that you see your future through tunnel vision. You want to be with your wife forever and that has never changed. The one thing that has changed is her feelings towards you. She may have been direct and told you that she’s fallen out of love with you or perhaps you’re just reading between the lines based on the way she interacts with you. Either way your marriage isn’t anything like it used to be. You find yourself constantly asking the question, “can my wife love me again?” She can. You have the tools to make it happen.

There are a few key areas of your marriage that you’re going to need to invest more time and attention in. One of those is communication. You’re married so you already know how delicate a subject communication can be. It’s something that most married couples struggle with. They either don’t talk enough about the basic issue of their relationship or when they do talk it becomes more of an argument than a discussion. You need to take control of this and learn how to effectively communicate with your wife regarding your relationship. It’s best to do this at a time when you’re not feeling overly stressed about other issues. Ask her to share what she’s feeling first and then listen to that. Don’t jump to defend yourself too quickly. You need to remain open minded and calm if you want her to continue to share what isn’t working for her within the marriage.

Another area that you need to focus more on is appreciating your wife. Sometimes within a marriage the woman will feel an emotional distance developing because she resents her husband and his inability to express his appreciation for her. If your wife feels you overlook everything she brings to your life, her feelings for you are bound to change. You have to put the time and effort into telling and showing her that you treasure her as the unique and priceless gift that she is. You can do this in very simple and tangible ways by helping her more around the home, thanking her on a daily basis and surprising her with a small, yet meaningful gift from time-to-time. If your wife feels appreciated by you, she’ll let her emotional guard down again.

It’s also helpful if you are more open with your own feelings about your wife. It’s not always easy for men to express how much they love and need their wives, but your wife needs to hear it much more often. Tell her on a daily basis that you truly do feel grateful for every day you get to spend as her life partner. Express, in detail, what her presence has meant to your life and how you have high hopes for a future for the two of you. Sometimes, just hearing those words can help a woman let her emotional guard down again so she feels deeply connected to her husband again.


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