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Beauty: Various Forms and Types


“Every person is born faultless and is perfect in him/her. Inferiority is considered to be a fault of the mind and is regarded as a cloud covering the light. One should thus dissolve the clouds by examining a balanced life along with good habits. One should nourish his/her mind and body. One should try to get connected with his/her own inner self. One should celebrate his/her own brilliance and one’s beauty will forever shine through.” –These are the golden words of a well- known person.

Maharishi Ayurveda, the modern, awareness-based revival of the prehistoric Ayurvedic remedy tradition, believes that true beauty is supported by 3 pillars:

1)    Outer Beauty
2)    Inner Beauty
3)    Lasting Beauty

Only by enhancing all 3 aspects of beauty one can achieve the balanced state of healthy vigor that can make anyone a healthy human being which one wants to be.

Now the first aspect is talked about i.e. the outer beauty. This aspect of beauty includes the outer signs of one’s beauty – one’s skin, nails and hairs – are not just merely external measures of beauty. They are considered to be direct reflections of one’s overall health. These outer tissues are formed as a result of the inner physiological procedures involved in metabolism, digestion and correct tissue development. Outer beauty is dependent more on the strength of one’s metabolism and digestion, the quality of one’s diet, and the purity of one’s blood, than on external purifiers and conditioners one may use.
It is being considered that the solution to skin care is matching one’s diet and skin care schedule to the exact type of skin one is having. In the meantime, there are a number of valuable recommendations for radiant skin, nails and hairs that will be useful to every person, regardless of the type of skin.

Diet: Without satisfactory nourishment, one’s skin layer becomes thin and a type of wasting is observed. Over time, one’s skin can dry out similar to a plant without water from shortage of nourishment. One should eat fresh, whole organic foodstuffs that are newly prepared so as to keep the skin fleshy and radiant.

One should avoid packaged, canned, processed foodstuffs. These kind of foodstuffs have extremely less nutritional value and in addition to this they are often badly digested which generates impurities that get deposited in the skin. This accumulation creates toxins that cause pain and blocks circulation of blood thus depriving the skin of nourishment.


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