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Beauty Trends Of Today



                            Many new beauty trends are coming up in the new millennium. The magazines, newspapers, radio, television and the Internet are flooded with advertisements of the latest fashion and beauty trends of late. Several new brands of beauty products like “Akanksha” and “Aromatherapy” are discovered by famous beauticians like Aparajita Rudra and Keya Seth respectively in Kolkata.The discovery and invention of a whole new range of cosmetics and beauty products have facilitated the selection of proper beauty solutions and products.

                        There are various upcoming trends as follows:-

  •     Removing wrinkles & Sun spots – the non-surgical way:

       According  to a new discovery by University of Michigan Cosmetic               Dermatology laser can be used for removal of wrinkles and sun spots. Many people have achieved fantastic results after this treatment.

  •    Fashion trend to protect skin :

        New fashion trends like hats, leggings, long dresses, one-piece bathing suites, scarves, sunglasses and tunic tops go a long way in protecting skin against heat and other natural factors.

  •     Fake Tan :

        It can be applied to all skin types. The advantage of using this new technology is that the user is spared the horror of body odour.

  •   Tattoos & Body Piercing—new form of modern art :

        Drawing stylish tattoos on different body parts occupies a high place in the twenty-first century as well as body piercing. Inspired by models and celebrities, may people are hit by the craze to pierce eyebrows, nose, belly button, lips and even tongue.

  • Women’s hourglass figure on the decline :

        Career is the main culprit for the steep decline in women’s hourglass figure once sported and made popular by celebrities like Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe.

                        One should never follow any beauty trend blindly. Today most of the over-hyped advertisements of fairness creams, lotions, anti-age creams, shampoos, etc are the most sought after products. One must rather use brains instead of being attracted to mere trends and styles of beauty. It should be kept in mind that a healthy body is reflection of healthy mind and that no amount of cosmetics can enhance beauty – since beauty comes from within.


Source by Arpita Paul

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